Part 3 of Tweaking, Speeding-up and Optimizing your computer, removing old Printers

In this weeks edition of The Weekly Geek and continuing on to part 3 of Tweaking, Speeding-up and Optimizing your computer, we are going to remove old printer drivers and software as well as unwanted and unneeded software.

In Part 2 (Tweaking, Speeding-up and Optimizing your computer: Part 2 – The Weekly Geek) we blogged about using REVO uninstaller. This week we are going to use it to remove any old printer software.

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Tweaking, Speeding-up and Optimizing your computer: Part 2

Sometimes we forget that we installed a program to try out or test. While sitting on the hard drive is no big deal, many of them still load during startup. Uninstalling them usually removes that, HOWEVER they all like to leave crud behind.

Using the Windows uninstall feature does not clear out the myriad of folders that get left behind and even more important it doesn’t clean out the registry.

The registry is the DNA of your computer. The more crud in it, the higher the probability of system lockups, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), crashes, and overall speed reductions.

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Optimizing and Tweaking your Windows PC Part 1

Welcome to The Weekly Geek. It is my plan to do a series of short how to guides on optimizing and tweaking your Windows based computers, tablets and laptops.
It has always been my desire for to provide easy to follow and do tips that will speed up, protect and make the end user experience better for anyone who has computer.
Back in to ancient days of the 2004 I finished writing the book, “A Novice Guide to Optimizing and Tweaking every PC”.

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Digital 2A

Today we have a guest article written by Musashi Aharon. He is a Jew who believes in the value and purpose of individuals, whose souls are created in likeness to the Divine. A tech enthusiast, he occasionally writes about ways to move power from corporations and the government back to the people.

I saw an unclassified release from the FBI that Islamic terrorists are using Telegram to coordinate and transfer funds. Unfortunate legislation in the UK was recently passed that eliminates many privacy protections online for their country.

To ban privacy and encryption is no less a problem than to ban arms, because both technologies serve as a leash upon would-be tyrannical governments. For sure, terrorists will use every advantage they can get. But that does not mean innocent people like us must digitally take off our body armor because terrorists can use the same.

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