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Securing your computers

In the previous Weekly Geek article we talked about how to cleanup from a malware infection. This week I want to go over the general details of preventing one in the first place.

1. Run Windows updates (using a modern operating system such as Windows 7), all of the critical ones including Office updates but none of the hardware ones offered by Microsoft.

2. Hardware updates, video card, NIC, motherboard drivers, get them from the manufacturers. If you own a Dell go to Dell, if you built your computer or it was built by a local company, find the motherboard name and go to their site, same with any add-on cards like video cards. Don’t forget the motherboard BIOS updates too. Continue reading

Phones, Microwaves and WiFi

Warning, engineers, scientist and those who like to argue should skip this article.
All information given here is “baby steps” and not meant to be the science of what I am covering.

If you would like to argue about the exact specifications of this weeks topics please join the U.N., W.T.O. or some other useless group of arguers.

Cordless phones are a blessing. I can check out e-mail, go to the kitchen, walk next door to get one of the kids and even sit on my backyard swing and enjoy the freedom of America, all while still talking or listening on the phone. Cordless phones use radio frequency just like the radio you use to listen to music or your favorite local talk show. Instead of being in a low range and with high output, phones use a higher range and lower output. This prevents you from going to the store using your home phone. Continue reading