Mesh Central the Good the Bad and the Ugly

In my previous article I wrote about my search for a remote control program replacement and my requirements. Here I want to expand on the one I chose, Mesh Central, and what I have learned after almost 18 months of using it.

First, let’s get to the nitty gritty, don’t use them! Now on to why.

When I first started using Mesh it, the only email address was on the tutorial page. He responded, then for the first few months, and then there has NEVER been a reply from was and is the only email on the site. When contacting my Intel representatives they claim no knowledge of the project. Continue reading

Adventures in getting a quality remote access program

For several years my small IT company used LogMeIn (LMI) as our remote client of choice for accessing customers computers when we could not be on site.
It started out with a free version. We added several pay for (Professional) versions on servers and some computers that needed the ability to transfer files or print from the remote computer to a local one.

Several years ago, LMI came out with “Central” where you could organize computers and servers into groups. This was a low cost item yet one that was worth it to my small business. We could now group each customer and place their computers into that group. Continue reading

Samsung SM-W750V aka the ATIV Windows phone

Six months ago I decided to switch from Boost Mobile back to Verizon. With Boost I just did not get the coverage I needed. Verizon is more expensive and I lost my “unlimited” data, however, as it turns out I don’t use that much data anyway. With the change in plans my missed calls have gone to almost nothing, which in my case, as a business phone is critical. Today I don’t want to discuss Verizon itself, I wanted to talk about the phone I use. The Samsung SM-W750V also called the ATIV, a Windows 8 phone. Continue reading

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 review

I won the Yoga that is reviewed here in late Feb 2014, it was for some training and testing and training I did with Intel. Thank you Intel! It took until late April for the Ultrabook to show up on my doorstep. Since I won it, I had “no choice” in the model et al. It is a Lenovo Yoga 13, with an Intel i3-3227 (1.9GHZ) processor, Windows 8 x64 (now 8.1), 8GB of RAM, with a 128GB Samsung SSD hard drive. There is no DVD or LAN connection, Wi-Fi only. Continue reading