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Running programs from another PC or Server on a Windows 7 computer

If you have a Windows 7 program that starts from a different PC or the server you will be asked to “run” or “Cancel” (or in some cases “ok”) the program every time you boot. Sometimes this does not appear until after you have opened another program causing you and your software confusion. I deal with this a lot in the Dental and Medical community.

Basically this is how to tell Windows 7 to trust a particular network location.

This is a “Trust” issue between Windows 7 and the other computer / server that host the program. Continue reading

Disable or Enable The Sidebar/Desktop Gadgets In Windows 7

If you don’t use the Sidebar or Desktop gadgets in Windows 7 or if you want to turn them on, you can easily get add or remove them to reclaim some desktop space. All it takes is a simple configuration change.

1.    Open the Control Panel by clicking on the “Start” menu icon then “Control Panel”.
2.    In the Search box, type “features”.
3.    Click the “Turn Windows features on or off” link.
4.    Remove the check beside the “Windows Gadget Platform” option.
5.    Click OK.

If your computer is a little slow, one optimization tip is to remove the check-mark next to “Indexing Service”.

Customizing the Microsoft Office 2007 Favorite Links bar

In Office 2007, when you go to save a file, there was a default list of locations on the left side of the pop-up window. That used to be called the “My Places” bar, it is now labeled “Favorite Links”.

If you create many documents and you need to save them in a location that is not listed (Such as a network drive, a mapped drive, a USB drive…), it gets to be tiresome to constantly click through to get where you want to save.

You can add a location in Windows Vista or 7 easily. The list of shortcuts under the Favorite Links is located under the username/Links folder. The username is your logon name. Continue reading