More MSP mis-adventures

In a previous post I wrote about issues a client, Botanas had with their MSP. Well COVID-19 caused a mistake to be made. You can read that blog here:

As a restaurant and needing to stay in business, move the produce she purchased before the mandatory (and in my opinion illegal) shutdown the owner wanted to offer online order and drive up pickup.

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Why I won’t build scrap technology for my customers

In my previous article I talked about the Black Swan event that led to the current tech shortages we are experiencing.

In this article I wanted to address one of the main questions I have received. Why don’t I just buy what is available and build or resell those products?

There are certain parts and brands I trust. This is based on years of testing, reliability, customer and dealer (Me) service and warranty care. Ward Computers does not just buy and build, we create products that exceed the customers’ needs and last far beyond the industry standard. While the industry wants me to sell you new technology (Computers, laptops, servers, routers, switches et al) every three years our product life averages more than double that.

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Black Swan Event of Technology

A black Swan event is something that was not expected to occur, but a series of events caused it. Normally hindsight allows those looking at it to see that it was actually predictable. Here is a link where you can read more on Black Swan events:

In our case, I can see clearly why technology is increasing in price and in some cases is just not available.

Computers, server and technology grows old or dies and must be replaced. If you need to replace them now, you selected a bad time.

  1. Microsoft ended support for Windows 7, Server 2008 and Office 2010, so more people are buying computers which means less parts and increased prices.
  2. The United States and China are having a tariff war, which means buyers are trying to time purchase which means less parts and increased prices.
  3. The Coronavirus started in China, several technology plants are closed which means less parts and increased prices.
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