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Protecting your customers credit information

This is a guest article by Mercury Payment Processing, a company I represent.

The one comfort about large-scale data breaches is that there are often lessons that can be learned. In the case of Target’s breach, customer data was reportedly compromised by malware installed at the POS. Mercury’s Chief Information Security Officer Jim Maloney notes that merchants commonly overlook the following steps. While there is no guarantee your merchants can avoid all security risks, advising them on the following items can assist in mitigating security risks. Continue reading

Microsoft and Google – are they big brother?

When setting up a new computer or new accounts with either company they ask for a lot of information, and then in their user agreements, they take a lot of liberty with what they can do. Both insist upon your name, birthday, cell phone “in case you lose your password”, your zip code. Seems like a lot of information, enough for ID theft actually. Continue reading