Computers, tablets and Laptops, How old it too old?

This is a question I get all too frequently, “can’t you just make my computer last a little longer?” or some version of that.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to break the news to you, technology changes! Yes, I know that is a startling statement, however it is true. Moore’s Law states, correctly, that circuitry and thus technology’s abilities double every two years.

The vast majority of you buy a new phone every 2 to 3 years because “it can do more”, well so can your computers. Continue reading

Hardware recommendations when building a PC

I am frequently asked what hardware I use when I build a PC. You see, I build computers, I don’t go an buy pre built systems. After building the many systems I have over the last 15 plus years I have learned first hand what hardware and software manufacturers are “the best”.

While some may want the best based on speed or price, I base what I use and why on how the manufacturer treats me, my customers and the public in general. Over time some companies have gotten better, dome worse. Some have gone out of business and new manufacturers have risen. With that said, here are the parts I use and maybe a short description why. Continue reading

Got Questions? Ask away!

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