Student of the Gun training, Part 3

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In part 1 of this article I talked about my adventures in getting to Mississippi, in part 2 I wrote about alternate use of force options. In this the 3rd and final part, I wanted to talk about the Beyond the Band Aid training.

Zach, one of Professor Paul’s sons, seemed unsure and nervous every time I entered the main door or left the classroom and went through the “reception” area to go to the bathroom.

I saw/see my son Jesse in Zach. I did take a moment to tell him that he is a Rockstar. Why? Because I see something great in him, like I did in Jesse at that age, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I know it is there.
They say once it is on the internet it never disappears. With that in mind. Zach, I don’t know what the future holds for you but I know you can handle it, defeat it and come out on top, in every sense of the word, as Dave Ramsey means it, so do I, in you I see a Rockstar. Not the burn out drugged out self-centered type, but the person who exceeds, all he is meant to do. One who people say, “I am better off for knowing him.” Continue reading

Holster review – DeSantis 1911 SoB holster (067 /85)

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Years ago, about 2000 I was swayed away from carrying my Glock and to carrying my 1911 again. I really don’t remember why. Since Missouri did not have a CCW permit at that time, and I had not carried the 1911 in Texas I did not have a good carry holster for the 1911. With that in mind I purchased the holster in this review.  This is a made in the USA, black holster for a full size 1911 from DeSantis, model 067 Small of Back holster. Continue reading

A quick overview of Ares Tactical

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I want to start off with a disclaimer. Matt Facas started out several years ago as some guy I met at a gathering, then he became a guy I knew, then an acquaintance and now I consider him a friend. Before you think my views are too bias, check out some of my other reviews, I can be brutal. With that knowledge I talked to Matt and let him know I wanted to do a review of his products, I did not want or need any since I had many of them on hand. I could see the nervous look in his eyes, he was wondering how tough I was going to be. Well, I am just as tough as with any product I review.

I will start off with where you can find his company Ares Tactical. Check them out at or at on FaceBook. Continue reading

Pistol Conceal Carry holsters: Hip (belt) holsters

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I will start of with saying, cheap holsters = crap, period. If you are paying under $50 the holsters is crap. Now more cost does not make it the best holster, however any holster I have ever bought that was under $50 turned out to be crap. The same goes with one size fits most holsters. Get one or more that are made for your specific weapon, period, end of story.

Any holster must maintain its form to your pistol, so you can re-holster it one handed. Why you ask. What if you or a loved one are wounded and you need your hand(s) to apply pressure? Or one of your arms is injured? As Paul Markel says, “Good guys bleed too.” Continue reading

Easy way to start your physical security on a budget: Part 2 basic home ideas

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In Part 1 I spoke about firearms on a budget, go hear to read that article.

This time I want to talk about a few ways to protect your home and family on the cheap.

First lock your doors, when you are home and when you leave. Put the chain on and the deadbolt too. No excuses.

With the following simple tips, a door breaching tool won’t easily or quickly work, the door will have to be split into pieces. Giving you time to escape, evade or better yet arm yourself.

On each external door get a door prop leg, like they have at church / businesses. The one that you kick down with your foot to hold the door open. Instead, put it on the inside of your doors and kick it down at night. That should secure the bottom half of your door. Continue reading