2023 Halloween Costume Ideas

Over the month we have posted many Office Safe Halloween Costume ideas on our various Social Media platforms. For those that don’t do Social Media or follow us, here they are.

You can be “King Con”. Dress like a jailbird, and add a crown.

You can be the “Devil With A Blue Dress On”. All you need is a Blue dress, devil horns, devil tail, pitch fork.

To be “Rambozo” just wear black or camouflage pants and a jacket, with combat boots or other heavy boots. Cover your face with black or camo paint. Paint your lips with bright red lipstick. Wear a clown wig and wrap a black strip of cloth headband-style around it. Bonus points for a red clown nose!” (Sorry Sly, no insult intended).

If you want to be an “Attack Dog Trainer” just take a stuffed dog and sew it to the arm of a long-sleeved shirt so it looks like it is biting you. Wear a name tag (“Bob’s Attack Dog School). Add blood and scratches all over your body.

To be “Sick as a Dog”. Dress up in a bathrobe. Have tissues and medicine sticking out of your pockets, thermometer in your mouth, icepack for your head, etc. Make dog ears and a tail out of brown cloth and wear a dog collar that says “Spike” or your favorite dogs name.

A simple one is being a “Q-Tip”. Simply puff up your hair and spray or powder it white (or wear a wig). Wrap your body in blue plastic wrap. Put cotton over your shoes.

To be the wonderful and talented “Martha Stewart” wear a flannel shirt in pastel colors over a t-shirt, with loose khaki pants and comfortable flat shoes. Stuff gardening gloves in your pocket and wear an apron. Carry a fancy lined basket with fresh muffins and cookies inside (for the party). Handcuffs optional.

Ladies, instead of the obligatory Playboy bunny, try being a “Dust Bunny”. Wear a dirty old white bunny costume, or get rabbit ears and then get grey sweat shirt and pants and dirty them up. Carry a feather duster, or “dust buster” vacuum. don’t forget the cure pink nose.

A twist on a classic children’s story, be “Little Dead Riding Hood”. Wear the usual Little Red Riding Hood Costume and then use fake scars, wounds and blood to make it look like the Big Bad Wolf got you. Don’t forget your basket of goodies for grandma (the party).

If you are near the gulf coast, people will figure this one out quickly. Be a ‘Hammer Head’ shark. I would suggest a small and light hammer. Tie or tape it SECURELY to a hat, headband (or your head if you are brave) and wear it on your head. Cut a shark ‘fin’ out of paper or cardboard and tape it to the upper back of a shirt.

To be a play on words try being the “Hershey’s Kiss of Death”. Purchase or create a Hershey’s Kiss costume (Check Pinterest for ‘how to’ ideas). Underneath it wear a black robe with hood. Use makeup to make yourself look dead. Don’t forget your sickle!

Another play on words is to be “Hershey’s KISS”, dress like the band KISS, put an aluminum cap in the shape of the kiss candy on your head with a Hershey’s label.

Several years ago, I posted some ideas on being a painting. Here is your chance to be “The Scream” (the famous painting by Edvard Munch for you uncultured swine). Take a large piece of cardboard and paint on a frame and the basics of the picture, or find a poster print of it. Leaving or make a cutout for your head. Paint your face to match the painting.

Since we had Friday the 13th this October, camping has been on my mind. If you were “Not a Happy Camper” you can wear a baseball cap, camp t-shirt and cargo shorts. Tear holes and burn the edges of the clothes, then attach leaves and sticks, burnt and melted marshmallows and fake bugs to the clothes. Tease your hair; add melted marshmallows and fake welts and insect bites to exposed skin (don’t be an idiot and burn yourself). For more effect, attach a rubber snake to your ankle as if being bit!

Every guy wants to be a “Chick Magnet”, here is your chance. Simply attach Barbie dolls all over yourself. You can get bags of Barbie dolls at most Red Rack and thrift type stores for next to nothing.

Well, that’s it for 2023, Until we meet again, have a Safe Halloween and a virus free week.

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