Run those Updates! It may resolve your random issue.

While the vast majority of our clients have us (Ward Computers) perform monthly maintenance on their computers, a few clients still only use us for “break-fix” issues. This is fine with us, yet it does put some responsibility on you the end user / business.

Sick computer

The last two weeks we have visited a couple of the break fix clients with different issues. The problem is we really can’t begin solving a printer issue, a ‘random email’ problem or shared database glitch without first running the updates the computer and printer need.

Updates and patches reduce security vulnerabilities, fix glitches with hardware and resolve compatibility problems with other software, just to name a few things they do.

This involves more than just Windows Updates. It includes driver and firmware for peripherals (printers, routers, switches et al) and updates to the other software on your computer (think Chrome, Adobe, your anti-virus).

This all takes us additional time, sitting waiting on them to install before we can even begin some fixes, and it runs up your bill.

What’s our suggestion?

My first and best recommendation is for you to get on our monthly RMM plan.
However, I know not everyone wants a reoccurring IT bill. In that case, you should put in your calendar, every month, a 2-hour block for each computer (you have 4 computers, block off 8 hours).

In that time, you:
• Run Windows Updates as well as their ‘additional / optional’ updates.
• Install and run PatchMyPC.
• Go to the computer (or motherboard) manufacturer’s website and install any updates they have put out.
• Go to your printer manufacturer’s website and update the driver and firmware for each one.
• Since you are already hard at it, go to your router and switch manufacturers and update any software and firmware they have.

The software and firmware updates manufacturers do are not just to fill in time. They make these patches to fix security holes and repair issues and glitches that have come up over time. They are free, so go and get them and resolve some issues.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

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