Multiple new computer threats strike

Emotet, Trickbot, and Ryuk are an combination of three different malware attacks currently being sent by criminals to take over computers and networks. So far costing millions for businesses.

These are three types of malicious software that are loaded one after the other onto an infected computer. Emotet prepares the way for the other two. Trickbot steals credentials, reads online banking account balances and spreads the three attackers across the network of a company. Ryuk then encrypts all the data and takes computers and networks “hostage” to extort a ransom.

How to protect yourself or your business:

Do not open attachments to emails and do not click on a link in an email, even if you know the sender! Ask (preferably by phone) the sender if they sent you the email. We get two to four fake ones a day, mostly about invoices.

Use the latest versions of operating systems and programs and install all their latest updates. These companies take the time to make the patches just for you.

A strong, up to date, and properly configured anti-virus is essential. We use and recommend ESET anti-virus.

A great hardware router with security subscription can make all the difference. We use adn highly recommend SonicWALL.

Perform regular backups. One backup company that checks for encryption scams in the data being backups is Acronis, we use and recommend them.

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