Cannot see all computers on your network? Here is the possible fix.

Do you have computers that do not show up under your “Network” or Network Neighborhood? Or in reverse, do you have snoopy employees that don’t need to “see” all computers that are online?

There are lots of articles on how to share a folder or drive and they have it 90% correct. There are times when you make the share, however when you open up your “Network” the computer does not appear. This requires you to use an UNC path such as “//computername” to get to it compared to just clicking on the computer in your network.

If you have a peer-to-peer network this is the easy fix to finding missing computers not listed under your “Network”.

Here is the quick fix.

Not all computers are shown.

Go to the computer or server that is not appearing in the list.

Click on your Windows “Start” button, that little logo in the lower left corner of your screen and in the text box, or in the case of Windows 8 or 10, just type in “services.msc”, click on the icon and press enter.

Open Services.msc.

Services are normally listed alphabetically. Click on any name in the list and type in the letter “f” which will take you to the beginning of the “F’s”.

Now scroll down to “function discovery resource publication”. If it’s “status” is not “Running”, this is the reason you cannot see the computer.

Right-click on “function discovery resource publication” and select “Properties” from the drop down list.

It will bring up a new window with it’s settings.

You will need to select on the drop down arrow next to “Startup Type” and select “Automatic”, then go to “Service status:” and click on the “Start” button.

Click on “Apply” and then “OK” to close this window.

Now go back to your “Network” view.

Added computer is now there.

The computer will have automatically been added.

That is all there is to it.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

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