Why I do what I do

Recently I started to write about the technology products and brands that I use and why. That got me thinking just as much as why I do what I do. You see, I’m not just a “computer guy” or “IT” dude.

Of the many blessings I have is the ability to repair, build and modify / optimize things. Those skills when combined with the “servant’s heart” as my parents would say, or with the empathy I have for others, allows me to do many things. I have been a lawn guy, mechanic, appliance repairman. I have rebuilt boat, car and mower engines. I learned how to fix refrigerators, freezers, window and central air conditioners. Around my home, I rarely “hire out” repairs. As I get older and wiser there are things I do hire out just for the sake of value.

So why am I in the computer and technology business? Because I want to serve my clients and make sure they have the exact technology they need, to not only stay in business but to grow and prosper. Notice I didn’t say I wanted them to have the latest technology. Every business is different and has different needs. Inside each business are individuals and they have different needs. I want to be sure you and your business have exactly what is needed to allow it to grow and the owners and management the ability to concentrate on their job, not deal with tech issues. It is also my desire to be sure that micro and small businesses don’t get ripped off by sales slime or unskilled computer repairmen. Unfortunately there are those people out in the world that do not put their client first.

I insist that Ward Computers provide not only excellent service, but that we be our customers “Trusted Technology Advisors”. Most of our clients contact us before any technology purchase or change. From cell phones to business phones, from internet provider to internet speeds, to “is the cloud right for me”, I want our clients to feel free to contact us, and know that we will give them the knowledge and wisdom that will help their business.

I truly take ownership of the technology at our clients. I stress over making sure that all equipment runs as efficient as possible. That the networks are fast, the servers are efficient and computers are stable. I want Ward Computers to take the burden of Information Technology off your shoulders so you can run your business.

If you need that type of support, then maybe we can help you out.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

4 thoughts on “Why I do what I do

  1. Kent, I have always appreciated the help you have given me and my business and the great manner in which you gave it. Sometimes we don’t know how much we depend on the internet on a day to day basis for information until we are forced to be with out it for a while.

  2. Thank you again for your professional approach. I find your help with my small business to be invaluable. I also appreciate your quick responses.

  3. I have enjoyed your articles. I haven’t used you yet for service, but I probably will in the future. True customer service is a lost art, in this generation, and one which you seem to provide.

    • Thank you Bev. Exceptional service, quality honey and a great wedding cake are all reasons that we miss the Honey Heaven restaurant. My wife and I used to drive up there to eat and always looked for your booths at various fairs to stock up on honey.

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