Some website drop down menus don’t work in Chrome

Recently I built a couple of new computers for a client. On one of the computers one and one website for that computer, the drop down menus would not work. The side fly out menus and click boxes worked just fine. All other computers in the office worked fine on that site.

After much scratching of the head, resetting Chrome, checking and double-checking of security exemptions in ESET, Malwarebytes and Super Anti-Spyware I was going nowhere. I emailed the support site of the problem web site. Their response is one I would have not thought of probably ever.

Even if you don’t have a touch screen, and these computers were not touch screens, Chrome enables its touch functions, and on some sites (I presume it is how the site was written) some menus wont work. If you have a touch screen, on these web pages you will need to use another browser at this time.

The fix is quick and simple. Open Chrome and in the address bar type in “chrome://flags” and then press enter.


You will come to a page with a “Danger Will Robinson” Warning.


You better watch out, you better not shout...oops, wrong warning.

You better watch out, you better not shout…oops, wrong warning.

Scroll down to “Enable touch events“, it is about 1/4 the way down on my list.

On that computer and others I have checked since then, they were all set to “Automatic“.


Using the dropdown next to “Automatic” change it to “Disabled“. Chrome will automatically pop up below asking you to “Relaunch” the browser. Click on it.


Once Chrome has restarted check and see if things work the way they should.

That is all there is to it. Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

30 thoughts on “Some website drop down menus don’t work in Chrome

  1. Hi
    OMG!! This has drove me literally insane for the last two weeks, I’m came close to watching all the “Back to the Future” movies in order to build a time machine that would give me back the drop down menus. That’s beyond simple, thank you so much!!

  2. This actually did not work for me. I did notice, however, that there is no (or no longer) an “Enable Touch Events” experiment, but rather a “Touch Events API,” which I tried changing to Disabled, but the problem persists.

    • True enough, it’s now Touch Events API. Fortunately, disabling this DID resolve the issue for me. What is extra confusing is that it worked fine all along on my laptop but not my desktop at home (fairly recent development), but this is what fixed the problem. Not sure why two systems on the same OS and browser / version would work in two different ways, but as long as it’s working, I won’t worry with questioning the techno-universe.

    • This sadly didn’t work for me either. Menus on sites like Groups on Deviant Art, or certain Gwallet offer portals end up doing a weird blip for a dropdown menu, or acting like it wants to create that rollover effect and never shows up. Gwallet offer portals scroll my page down by 2-3 wheel’s worth, bumping me away from what I was clicking on. It’s getting so annoying.

  3. THANK YOU! I had tried everything including the tips for the problem being extensions or hardware acceleration. Nothing worked . This fixed it! I was using windows 10/chrome/ desktop computer with NO touch screen.

  4. this is something that has been upsetting me for a very long time and nobody from google in all these endless chains provide this simple solution. They ask to uninstall whatever you can imagine ! Thank you !

  5. THANKS YOU! I just click reset all to default and relaunch the browser and now it works, thank again for the posted.

  6. I had the same issue and this was in the end the solution that worked for me: Turned off Hardware acceleration option in chrome advanced settings/restarted Chrome.

  7. Althought it’s now Touch Events API… etc. they are all drop down menu which is the first place I came looking for fix… I have Chrome 75, Windows 7; Incognition windows drop down menu does Not work either, but IE works. I tried reset chrome, uninstalled+installed, clear browsing history… no luck. What could be the issue?

  8. Oops typo. I meant Chrome://flags are all drop down menu, my drop down menu DOESN’T work which is why I am here, both chrome and incognition. However drop down menu works fine in IE.

  9. Crazy that here we are 5 years later and this resolve my issue. The flag is now called “Touch initiated drag and drop” but disabling it still fixes the issue.

  10. The Internet Explorer is such a nice workaround sometimes — However, if you’re struggling with Chrome & dropdown menu’s in a site such as Linkedin, I-E will no more open that page, prompting you to use MS Edge instead. But I personally have Opera Portable as emergency browser and it solved my trouble. As for the //Flags, I can’t find the said Enable Touch thing, I just shut off the most similar voice I could find and don’t know whtr iz going to work. Bye

    • So ‘Enable Touch Events’ is not available when you scroll down? I don’t know what to think there. As for Opera, yes, I think it is a good browser. I tried to use it exclusively a while back, however there were many sites it did not work on. It too became my backup to my backup. At this point in history I have to use Edge for some sites, Firefox for others and Chrome for still others. It really is a shame.

  11. This drop down issue suddenly started happening to me, as well. Like Matt, I disabled “Touch initiated drag and drop” and it fixed it after a relaunch.

  12. To anyone just stumbling on this thread, I just launched chrome in administrator mode and magically the dropdowns that weren’t working are now working…

  13. All the above didnt do the magic for me. I finally found the problem was with the Chrome extension, in my case it was the virtual keyboard. Disabled it and everything went back normal!

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