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Let’s start with something very important, if you are or have females, don’t forget feminine hygiene! I suggest two to three months’ supply in the long run. By buying one month’s supply every two weeks, in just nine weeks you will have covered your use and have the extra. If that is too hard on the budget, try getting 1 ½ what you need.

Every time you need toilet paper, buy 1 extra package. Since it can last, you might want to just buy a 36 or 48 roll pack once a month for 6 months and store them in a coat closet. We buy the big pack and then pull 1 group (normally they are in smaller 4 packs) and stash that. Some people buy their normal package, say one of the 24 packs and then just buy an additional 4 pack to store, your choice.

Buy 1 large container (100 count or more) ibuprofen then on your next trip or the next month, Tylenol. Maybe six months later do the same. Four unopened bottles should last you a while.

When you open your pack of TP or pain reliever (not the emergency ones) put on the list for that next grocery trip to replace it, don’t wait until it is gone. I keep an open 24 quantity pack in the main bathroom.

Once a month on a store trip, get one pack of name brand batteries, look for the latest (furthest out) expiration date. 1 month get AA, the next AAA, the next C size then D then 9 volt then any odd or other size like 123A for your flashlight. Once you have that, start over. When you have 16 of each, then stop (or buy some sets for bartering / trade – this topic will be a different article). The new Duracell red top batteries seem to be very long lasting.

When you open a bleach bottle, buy another so you have almost 2 gallons. Bleach can be used, 1 drop per gallon of unfiltered water if you don’t have a filter when you store it.  Plain bleach, no “smelly” good stuff.

A Water filter system is better, the PUR water pitcher is fine. I get the blue “2 stage” cartridges. You don’t need a ditch water purification system, yet (you should get one of those too). You will use this PUR one as an everyday one so you will need to “stock up” on the filters. I would say 4, then when you use one you replace it at your next shopping trip. This creates a habit for you and gets you used to filtering your water. This is not for ‘dirty’ water.

Do you have any other emergency items for your home shelf? Comment below.

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  1. This is a little different but some I have a little guy in always thinking about things for him now. I was looking on our emergency bag the other day and realized he’s outgrown the clothes I had placed in there a while back. As adults we pretty much stay fitting in the same clothes but that’s just one thing I thought of that may need “trading out” attention. 🙂

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