Physical Security on a Budget – Securing Your Home Internet

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This is a no cost solution to increasing your personal security, and we all like that four letter word “FREE”.

I was working on this as a subject not only for TWG, but also for a book that was written by Matt Canovi. The problem is I was on page 3 and just showing you how to log onto your router. That may be alright for a book however it is unacceptable for a blog. I will let you know when I either joint publish in the 2nd edition of Canovi’s book or have this published in depth elsewhere. Continue reading

365 day challenge to Law Enforcement

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City, County, Constables, State, and Federal alphabet soup (FBI, DHS, BLM and the such – don’t’ exclude yourself, include yourself!). I have challenged our legislatures and our judges to set the American people free, today I challenge you to do the same. For the next 12 months, do not harass any citizens, yes I said it.

The vast majority of you have “to protect and serve” on the sides of your vehicles, that is all I am asking you to do. Continue reading

Prepping / Emergency food

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I have been working on this article for about a year, it was just not ready to be published, then this week Price Cutter had canned veggies for 29 cents a can. Harter House used to weekly have them for 39 cents, now I noticed they are up to 49 cents. With that in mind, here are my ideas on stocking up on food, the EASY and INEXPENSIVE way to do it.

There are more than a few articles about food for long and mid-term. Some say to buy it all at once, others give a list of what to buy every week. Many are based on ‘dry’ goods (beans and rice) only or refer you to MRE’s or premade freeze dried foods. While all these are ‘good’ articles you should get food you will actually and ‘normally’ eat as a part of the solution. Continue reading