Ignoring and over ruling of 40 unconstitutional laws – a call to Judges

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Judges: City, Municipal, County, State, Regional, Federal, Supreme Courts. I have a challenge for you.

I challenge you to remove / overturn / dismiss cases involving unconstitutional laws for your City, County, State or Federal jurisdiction.

To make it easy on you, select 40 such unconstitutional laws and constantly dismiss or throw out such cases, then turn on the idiot prosecutor for filing them and lecture them about the rule of law. After a few examples are made, your unnecessary workload will be greatly reduced.

I want you to take the next 365 days to stand up against the unconstitutional laws in your jurisdiction. You know which laws are out there, within your jurisdiction, prosecutors pressing charges against the innocent citizens to win votes, others who wish to push their agenda or establish their own new personal agenda and of course the prosecutors who only want ‘wins’ and have a power trip.

For example, the so called DUI checkpoints. You, I and every student of United States Law, know this checkpoints violate the 4th amendment. Just because someone offers money for you or a law enforcement agency to run these checkpoints does not make it legal. Please don’t make excuses. Just because it they are “random”, yet every car is detained, does not make it alright. Stopping 2,342 cars to get 3 DUI’s, 4 warrants and 1 stolen car does not justify breaking Constitution Law.

Our system of law was setup that it was better to let a guilty man go free, than to punish one innocent citizen.

What about protecting the people, the Citizens you are sworn to protect? That is what you are there for, correct?

It is my challenge to you to use your judicial authority (you have no power, just authority) to stop, fight and revoke the City, County, State and or Federal laws that are unconstitutional and set the American people free.

I challenged lawmakers back on February 5th to remove such laws, and to post their victories on this blog. You don’t have to publish your victories here, but the forum comments are open and available to you as well as to others such as lawyers (who helped fight unconstitutional laws) and for the men and women who were set free from tyranny by a wise judge (i.e. before they had to go through a trial the judge [you] deemed the case unconstitutional or otherwise illegal and dismissed the case).

If you, the judge, will remember it is not your courtroom but the court of the State, County and the Citizens, you can easily do what is right.

I would like to praise and thank those of you that have stood up in the past and will stand up from this day on.

Until we meet again, have a freedom giving and virus free week.

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