Student of the Gun training, Part 3

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In part 1 of this article I talked about my adventures in getting to Mississippi, in part 2 I wrote about alternate use of force options. In this the 3rd and final part, I wanted to talk about the Beyond the Band Aid training.

Zach, one of Professor Paul’s sons, seemed unsure and nervous every time I entered the main door or left the classroom and went through the “reception” area to go to the bathroom.

I saw/see my son Jesse in Zach. I did take a moment to tell him that he is a Rockstar. Why? Because I see something great in him, like I did in Jesse at that age, I couldn’t put my finger on it but I know it is there.
They say once it is on the internet it never disappears. With that in mind. Zach, I don’t know what the future holds for you but I know you can handle it, defeat it and come out on top, in every sense of the word, as Dave Ramsey means it, so do I, in you I see a Rockstar. Not the burn out drugged out self-centered type, but the person who exceeds, all he is meant to do. One who people say, “I am better off for knowing him.”

Back on the topic of training. We spent the day learning not to accept the lie that we “cannot” perform first aid on someone, after all, those of us that are armed take the responsibility of possibly taking a life, why should we not know how to save one. As Paul says “Good guys bleed to.”

We learned how to use about 6 different tourniquets. We put them on each other and ourselves. While Paul was pretty open minded about a lot of things, he did snub my favorite tourniquet, the SWAT-T, you can read an article I wrote about it here:
We dealt with “preventable death” injuries that can occur almost anywhere, in the woods, in a car wreck or in your front yard. Amputations, partial amputations, major cuts, tears and puncture wounds.
Paul’s skills are real world and from teaching the military men and women TCCC. That is why he moved to Mississippi – oh yeah, got to spell it again!

The training was excellent and comradery was great. I highly recommend you visit SOTG and train with them at your first opportunity.

With all this said, I do have 2 regrets about my visit. No, nothing about the time off, the cost, the training.
I regret that I did not get a picture of me with all 3 Markel’s and that I did not get the email or contact information of the other students.

If you want to read some of Paul’s quotes, follow him and me on Twitter @TheWeeklyGeek1 or on Google+ Kent Ward.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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