It’s not their fault, really

I have spoken and written about technology for many years now. One of the common themes I try to insist is that it is not always someone you can blames fault.

Very specifically, Worms, Trojans, Viruses and other malicious software is not often intentionally put on your computers or networks by a user or web site. There are these infections, literally living on the world wide web. The only way to “kill” them it to turn the entire internet infrastructure off and reset every device back to hardware level.

The more common form of scumware (my term for all the above infections and more) is by injecting their code into normal everyday web sites. Many years ago a SQL injection infected both PBS and Intel for just a short time, but long enough to spread to those who simply visited those web sites.

Just recently a new scumware injection took place in may web sites using WordPress (which I use for this blog). You can read a good overview about it here: 

It was / is not the bloggers fault, not their web host fault, at least not any more than it is your fault you caught the flu. Yes there are things that can be done to reduce the chance of infection, I take all I can with this blog, BUT (hey Paul Markel, that “BUT” is for you!) I could still have my web site “hacked” which is an incorrect term by the way.

So before you blame a web site / company / blogger or your 16 year old son, check into the facts and source of what went arwy. You can protect yourself (like getting the flu shot, washing your hands…) by following simple easy safety tips. You can click on this link to get a list of the articles with easy to follow “how-to” steps in securing your computer, phone and network.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

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