Good Guy of the week!

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On December 26th I received a box from XS Sights. I was awarded the Good Guy package for a question I posted and was read on (Jarrad, Paul, if you know the episode, feel free to post it in the comments below, I forgot).

My GoodGuy t-shirt, sling bag, hat and Glock

My GoodGuy t-shirt, sling bag, hat and Glock

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Holster review – DeSantis 1911 SoB holster (067 /85)

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Years ago, about 2000 I was swayed away from carrying my Glock and to carrying my 1911 again. I really don’t remember why. Since Missouri did not have a CCW permit at that time, and I had not carried the 1911 in Texas I did not have a good carry holster for the 1911. With that in mind I purchased the holster in this review.  This is a made in the USA, black holster for a full size 1911 from DeSantis, model 067 Small of Back holster. Continue reading

It’s not their fault, really

I have spoken and written about technology for many years now. One of the common themes I try to insist is that it is not always someone you can blames fault.

Very specifically, Worms, Trojans, Viruses and other malicious software is not often intentionally put on your computers or networks by a user or web site. There are these infections, literally living on the world wide web. The only way to “kill” them it to turn the entire internet infrastructure off and reset every device back to hardware level. Continue reading