Sometimes you find out about things the very hard way

I will cut to the chase first thing. Windows 7 x64 with Adobe Reader (or full version) and a Xerox Phaser printer don’t play nice.

Recently I sold, delivered and setup a new Windows 7 x64 PC to a client. Things went smooth overall so I Ieft when I thought all the setup was done. I was happy until an hour later when I received a call that client could not open any attachments in email. If they were saved to the desktop they would open just fine. Windows Live Mail was the email program being used before and now. Continue reading

Has It Really Been 66 Years?

This is a reprint of an article written by Dan McNeil on Feb 4th 2013. It has been reprinted with his permission and has been left unedited. It gives a lot of history, that is no longer in books, in a condensed format. Take it as history and facts, if you are a hater, go to another blog please.

66 years ago, in 1948, at least two thousand years after-the-fact, the United Nations declared Israel a nation. One day later, in just the first of many cases of pissey middle-east buzzkill, every Arab country surrounding Israel declared war.   Continue reading

Controlling what programs users can run in Windows 7

I have held off posting this article since it was a “contributed” article from over 2 years ago. I have edited it a little. I lost the name of the original person who sent this to me. So if it was you, thanks.

Different versions of Window have different methods of controlling what users can and cannot do. The most common are the profile settings. In Windows 7 you have less choices than before, a user can either be an “Administrator” or a “Standard User” of course if you have a domain, you have many more choices, however most of my readers have small peer-to-peer networks. Continue reading

Protecting your customers credit information

This is a guest article by Mercury Payment Processing, a company I represent.

The one comfort about large-scale data breaches is that there are often lessons that can be learned. In the case of Target’s breach, customer data was reportedly compromised by malware installed at the POS. Mercury’s Chief Information Security Officer Jim Maloney notes that merchants commonly overlook the following steps. While there is no guarantee your merchants can avoid all security risks, advising them on the following items can assist in mitigating security risks. Continue reading