Running programs from another PC or Server on a Windows 7 computer

If you have a Windows 7 program that starts from a different PC or the server you will be asked to “run” or “Cancel” (or in some cases “ok”) the program every time you boot. Sometimes this does not appear until after you have opened another program causing you and your software confusion. I deal with this a lot in the Dental and Medical community.

Basically this is how to tell Windows 7 to trust a particular network location.

This is a “Trust” issue between Windows 7 and the other computer / server that host the program.

To have the computer automatically trust the other you need to make a simple change in the Internet settings. I know you are working on your local network (LAN) however the settings are there.

Go to the “Start” icon in the lower left of your screen.

Click on “Control Panel” once it opens click on “Network and Intranet” (if you are viewing by category) and then on the “Network and Sharing Center” text.

If you are viewing by icons, once you open the Control Panel, you will click on “Network and Sharing Center” text directly.

At the bottom left of the window there is a ‘See Also’ section, click on “Internet Options”.

A new smaller window appears, click on the “Security” tab and then select “Local intranet” zone by clicking on its button / image.

Click on the “Sites” button and then click on the “Advanced” button.

Under the small text area “Add this website to the zone:”, type in “file://[computer name]” where [computer name] is the name of the computer or server where the program is installed (not the computer you are working on.

Below that, be sure the “Require server verification…” is unchecked.

“Close” and “OK” your way out.

Reboot your computer and the message should not appear.

That should be all there is to it, until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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