Windows 8 Metro Apps quit working

Please remember, I do not recommend that you go to Windows 8, Stay with 7 (you do use 7 don’t you?), it is available. If your computer guy, big box store or neighbors kid says otherwise, they are lying. It is appearing to me that Windows 8 is the Windows ME of 2000 and Vista of a few years ago; it is not ready for prime time.

I feel that one of the many reasons is that Microsoft is trying to go from software programs to the use of apps in the same operating system. These apps are like the ones you use on your Android or Apple phone and tablet. I figure they are trying to be hip and trendy (I cannot believe I just said ‘hip and trendy’, forgive me).

The basic issue is Windows 8 is trying to run programs and apps at the same time. These are two different types of code. Developers, coders and programmers, at this point please don’t flame me here, I am trying to keep it on a basic level, I know it is much more complex than that and yes you work hard (insert pat on the head here). As a matter of fact, Microsoft calls them “Metro style, full screen immersive apps”, OM Goodness that is hip and trendy!

So several of my Windows 8 apps quit working, they would open for a second or 2 then go to the upper left corner as if I moved back to a different folder area or program/app or in this case the Start page. I could not work or view them, only go to the upper left corner, right-click and select “close”. It started with the Music app on Sunday then on Monday Messaging quit working, by Tuesday none of the apps and some programs stopped working.

I consider this quite frustrating since I have been trying to learn how to navigate through Windows 8, and hopefully could learn a few tricks, modifications and tweaks to help you, the reader.

After some research, the best and most frequent answer was a suggestion to run a Windows 8 “refresh”. Actually the most common suggestion was to make sure your screen resolution was 1024×768 or higher. I double checked this and the system is / was running 1280×1024, besides that the apps had been working for several months (this build was from October 2012).

Running the refresh turned out to be a mega bad Idea, it uninstalled or removed EVERY program.

Basically a “refresh” is an operating system reinstall. Holy cow, now I have 20 “apps” and Programs to reinstall. I did browse through the hard drive to see if the programs were still on the drive, just disconnected like what happens with Windows 2000 and XP when you run a repair install. The files and folders were all gone. I would also have to re-setup the oh so not fun and non-loveable apps for Mail, Calendar, People et al. But Hey, Microsoft knows you and I have nothing better to do for 6 to 8 hours, we don’t have jobs, work, or family to spend time with.

A refresh will also reset your computer name and workgroup/domain, so you will not be able to see your printers, other devices et al. Not only will it remove, your QuickBooks, LogMeIn, Dreamweaver and Acrobat, it removes Microsoft’s own Office and .NET.

One of the many headaches about needing to reinstall your programs is their age or compatibility with Windows 8. I use Dreamweaver 8, I used to create web sites, now I just maintain the ones I have written for others and myself, thus I make no money at it and cannot justify purchasing a new version. Though Dreamweaver installs fine, the 8.02 patch won’t install/run due to “compatibility” issues. OK, so Dreamweaver 8 installs but the tiny patch won’t? I tried compatibility mode, I tried “XP” mode. Now how did I get it to install in January?

But wait there’s more! Since it is a reinstall, you get to reinstall all the Windows (and Office) updates too! Now isn’t the Windows 8 “refresh” a barrel of fun? Don’t you just love this Microsoft “feature”!

To add insult to injury, my apps still do not work! Since this article is getting a little long, I will write a follow-up about this adventure and hopefully how to get the Metro apps to work again.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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  1. As a 2 second update, it is the “Administrator” account vs. another account. I am currently working on a more in-depth article about this, and it has taken a while to find the answer.
    Once the updated article is published, under our “search” box, type in Windows 8.

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