Windows 8 Metro Apps quit working

Please remember, I do not recommend that you go to Windows 8, Stay with 7 (you do use 7 don’t you?), it is available. If your computer guy, big box store or neighbors kid says otherwise, they are lying. It is appearing to me that Windows 8 is the Windows ME of 2000 and Vista of a few years ago; it is not ready for prime time.

I feel that one of the many reasons is that Microsoft is trying to go from software programs to the use of apps in the same operating system. These apps are like the ones you use on your Android or Apple phone and tablet. I figure they are trying to be hip and trendy (I cannot believe I just said ‘hip and trendy’, forgive me). Continue reading

Community Service and Volunteering

In April and in May I wrote articles about volunteering and helping your community during a disaster or at any time. I gave you a few reasons why I volunteer and ways you can volunteer as well as the different areas to volunteer.

In this article I want to go over what skills and training I have taken and why I have taken that training. This is not meant to be a “brag fest” but rather to give you a view into what you can do. Before I go into this, there are a few people who think “FEMA is supposed to do that”. Well, FEMA is money, not people. I also rather voluntarily do something because it is right rather than be involuntarily involved, either by forced taxes or forced labor. By stepping up and doing right, on our own accord, we make the biggest difference. Continue reading