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So you are building a new PC or reinstalling your current computer. Great for you! Once you have installed Windows and the Motherboard / hardware drivers you know you need Adobe Reader, Flash Player, JAVA and a dozen other common programs.

Well instead of spending the next 3 hours going to each web site and downloading one at a time, let’s go to a web site that has most of these in one place. Ok, maybe not all in one place but they have a downloader that goes out and grabs them for you.

Many years ago (early 2000s) several sites offered this including CNET, but they all stopped for one reason or another. I had given up on any one doing this, especially for free, but the great tech Mike Rosmis, found this site for us at IFix Computers.

Browse on over to Here you can click in check boxes to choose many programs you might want. They many different sections such as browsers (Firefox et al), messaging (Skype, AIM et al), Media (iTunes, HULU, QuickTime et al), Runtimes (Flash, Shockwave, JAVA…), Imaging (Picasa, GIMP …), Documents, Security, File Sharing, Utilities, Other and more. So many programs are available in one neat installer that you create and download specifically for your needs.

I just cannot praise this site enough, it has literally cut down our install / reinstall times by hours and when you build 100 computers a year that makes a big difference.

There are a few programs not currently on their list that we use over at IFix, however I cannot fault Ninite for that. Programs like DivX and LogMeIn, hint, hint.

If you want to keep your home computer up to date with the latest versions of the programs such as JAVA and Adobe Reader, and you hate the interruptions of the pop-ups in the lower right corner of your screen, or say you have been infected with a Fake AV by such a pop-up and you are leery of installing things from those type warnings, Ninite has a program that will keep all the programs listed up to date, quietly and efficiently. This will cost you $9.99 a year per computer. I consider that dirt cheap considering how nerve racking running updates can be for some and how annoying they can be for others.

Those of you that have business’s with 25 or more computers might want to consider (or consult your IT professional) about using the “Pro” version. This allows update management from one point, not each computer, it also uses smart technology and only downloads what is needed and then shares it across all computers that need that update. This greatly reduces bandwidth (internet) consumption, allowing you and your staff to do all they need to do in-house and on the internet with as little disruption as possible. This option does not come cheap, it runs a minimum of $20 per month for up to 100 computers. You (or your IT provider) will need to decide if this is best for you.

Now for you Linux nerds out there, they did not leave you out! Browse across the top of the page for a link for your needs. Ok, enough Linux stuff.

Well, that is all for now, until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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