House Joint Resolution Number 15, Missouri Constitition Amendment

Never, do I get involved in politics here, that is until today. Missourians, I just read HJR 15 in its entirety. This is not a “help the POW’s” amendment, the first thing that set my bells off was why we needed an amendment to the Missouri Constitution to exempt a POW “Who has a total service-connected disability” from property taxes.

Section 2 sums it up. “All revenues lost because of the exemption of certain personal property of manufacturers, refiners, distributors… shall be replaced to each taxing authority within a county from a county wide tax hereby imposed on all property in subclass 3 of class 1 in each county”.

Everyone gets a new FORCED tax and it will be adjusted EVERY YEAR!

This is not just personal property it is entire businesses being exempt “Manufacturers, refiners, distributors, wholesalers, retail merchants and establishments”, oh crud, what or who are the politicians trying to bribe now!

The full resolution can be read here:

I love our veterans but this IS NOT a veteran issue, please vote NO  on Constitutional Amendment No. 2 this coming Tuesday. A NO vote helps fight growing government and their continued LIES to their slaves, oops I mean citizens.

2 thoughts on “House Joint Resolution Number 15, Missouri Constitition Amendment

  1. All that stuff about manufacturers, refiners, and such is already in Article X, Section 6 of the Missouri Constitution, which HJR 15 will replace if voters pass it.

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