Help and Support Center in Windows XP

It has been a while since I used this tip to check for errors but I was reminded of the need for it today so I figure I would pass it on to you.

The “Help and Support Center” in Windows XP is useful for troubleshooting problems and obtaining information about how to use the operating system. However, the Help and Support Center does far more than just this. You can use the Help and Support Center to quickly obtain information about the status of hardware and software on your computer.

It will provide with status information about the following components:
• Obsolete Application and Device Drivers
• System Software
• Hardware
• Hard Disk
• Random Access Memory (RAM)

To view information using the Help and Support Center:
1. Log on as an administrator. I say this because I know you don’t normally do that, right?!

2. Click the “Start” button in the lower left corner of the screen.

3. Now click on “Help and Support”, it should be the icon with the “?” inside a circle.

4. In the new window, under the “Pick a Task List” (located in the middle of the window, click on “Use Tools to view your computer information and diagnose problems” (yes that is a long name).

5. Under the list of “Tools” on the left side of the window, click “My Computer Information”.

6. A new list will appear on the right pane, click “View the status of my system hardware and software”.

Windows XP will collect the required information then generate and display the status report showing various information about your computer. If there is a known issue it should be listed here.

You can also see when your system was installed / setup under the “System Software” area where your version of Windows XP will be listed.

While I am not that trilled with the “Troubleshooter” section, if you do see an issue, you can always use Google to search it out by using the information listed.

There are other time wasters under the “Tools” pane on the left side that you can use to explore other issues or details about your software and or hardware such as “Network Diagnostics” and “Advanced System Information”.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

One thought on “Help and Support Center in Windows XP

  1. Very helpful post.

    Concise and chock-full of brevity. Is that last an “oxymoron”?

    Whatever the case, the post was handy and helpful and an excellent resource/reminder for the typical non-geek computer user who tends to forget the various embedded resources available.

    Yeah, I admit that I have gotten lazy over the years.

    I do not follow the trends and purchase those multi-inch thick manuals for the O/S’s as I used to.

    Heck, I have even forgot the most basic DOS commands due to Windoze having advanced so far since those seemingly long ago, ancient, Win95 days.

    My WinXP is so gosh darn stable and handy and it simply functions!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the plug-n-play routine just….. WORKS!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Delightful.

    Still, handy reminders and easy-to-follow instructions as exhibited in the above posting is a liver quiverin’ delight and a blessing to the human herd of average and sub-par humans who are not of the geek-type computer brainiacs who tend to flock to CIS courses or programming for fun and frolics.

    There are plenty of Disgruntled Old Coots such as I who have grown increasingly lazy and lethargic over the decades who are appreciative of the efforts of those who take the time to post such handy advise for the masses to utilize.

    Huzzah and hosannah.

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