Tweaking and Optimizing XP, the PDF

I┬áhave taken a large collection of my tips for tweaking and optimizing Windows XP and put them in this PDF just for you. Some tips are “old” and some of the changes suggested were implemented by Microsoft with XP’s Service Pack 3, however I have put them all in one place, just in case.

Enjoy the tips (18 pages worth) and have a virus free week!

One thought on “Tweaking and Optimizing XP, the PDF

  1. I read all 18 pages, I must admit it’s a good read, especially for business still using windows xp.
    My question is, after reading through your networking submissions, seeing that you’ve included things like Max connections. Why (It may be irrelevant I am not disagreeing with you) you haven’t included a tut on TCP ACK for the registry. I could see it being helpful in a server environment. Also I could write a good article on “How to keep hackers out: Wireless security” I’m actually sending this on someone else’s wireless (A WPA2 connection) If you would use it, somewhere, I will write it.

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