Backing up the Registry

The registry is the DNA of a computer. Just like with human DNA you must be very careful when dealing with it. Without being prideful, you must follow my listed steps carefully or very bad things will happen.

For a PDF with images of this article, download it here!

To back up the registry go to Start | Run and type in regedit in the Run box, then press the Enter key.

When the registry opens go to the top left corner and click onĀ File | Export.

Now choose the location to backup to (I strongly suggest the root folder which is just C:, that way if there is an issue it is easier to access).

Select Open, which is located n the lower right of the windows to go into the folder.

Make sure that under Export Range the All button is selected.

Select “OK”, that is all there is to it!

Until we meet again have a virus free week!

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