Another Attack on Adobe Acrobat

It has happened again, another attack / exploit on Adobe Acrobat, all versions (including the free Reader and paid for versions). There is no patch at this time but there is a quick fix. Before we go any further, here is the fix.

Open Adobe Acrobat, go to “Edit” on the menu bar (2nd from the left) select “Preferences” (at the bottom of the drop down menu).
A new menu will appear, on the left side select “JavaScript” and on the right side uncheck “Enable Acrobat JavaScript”.

Now that you are “safe” for now, here is a little information on the attack. The attach uses a malicious PDF file and the JavaScripts within Adobe to retrieve data off an infected machine. If you want more information on the attack go to ZDNet here.

My intention here is to work together and find a PDF reader alternative. I have a few I have played with over the years but would love the input from our readers. So post a comment below, what PDF reader do you actually use and why?

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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