PC things to do every month

Continuing on with the quick things you need to do for your computer, here is my list of monthly suggestions.

Update software programs – check for updates on all programs, even those you “rarly” use. Adobe, Pinnacle, your GPS software. Bad guys use “holes” in these programs to get into and mess up your computer and life.

Check for hardware driver updates – Your video card may work better, your Network may run faster and again, there have been hackers that used holes in these programs to infest your computer.

Remove old unused programs – for the same reason as above, if you dont use it or know how it got there, like the 8 toolbars in your browser, remove the programs.

Run Disk Clean or if you have it another temporary file cleanup program – old files clog the hard drive and do cause issues, get rid of them. There are a couple of detailed articles on this site.

Run Disk Defrag or again if you have a 3rd party defrag program use it – this organizes your files and programs in a logical order for the operating system, allowing faster access. Again, there are articles on this site with step by step instructions.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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