Removing Duplicate files Part 3

In the previous two editions I wrote about Sync Toy by Microsoft and CloneSpy.

In this issue I want to take a look at Duplicate Cleaner by Digital Volcano. I used version 1.2.

This first thing that was apparent was a much nicer interface than previous programs I have been using. Once you set the areas to search and the initial scan completes, you are presented a report with the total number of files scanned, the total number of duplicates and how much space they are taking.

Here is where the real beauty of Duplicate Cleaner kicks in, an entire list of all duplicates and the ability to check all the ones you don’t want in one fail swoop and then remove them all at once.

Besides the file name and path you are presented with the file size, date modified, file type and some more miscellaneous information. The date is what I consider the major factor here, just in case you have the same program but a newer version. The path will also allow you to keep files that are not really duplicates or at least ones that you need like “install.bat” or “readme.txt” files that are the same size.

Out of the previously tested programs I give Sync Toy 3 out of 5 geeks, CloneSpy 2 out of 5 geeks and Duplicate Cleaner 4 geeks out of 5.

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