Why I can prove some Hospital’s are crooks!

I know this is off the “Tech” subject but really. For years I have put up with “The computer automatically …” and you can fill in the blank.
Back in “the day” in the Ft. Worth and Dallas Texas area there was a guy on the radio that said something to the effect “I’m mad too” (I think it was “I’m mad too Eddy”), well I am mad as they get right now.

Well I have had it! Here I have the media (the papers I have written for probably wouldn’t publish this) to express my distain for the ABUSE of medical facilities and technology.

I just got off the phone with Cox Regional Services (yeah, I am willing to put their name out). On Friday, I received one of those “you are delinquent” letters, AGAIN. Since I learned long ago NEVER OPEN ANYTHING FROM A HOSPITAL ON FRIDAY, I opened the bill today (Monday). After calling and leaving a not so polite but entirely honest and true message (big surprise, they couldn’t answer the phone because too many people were calling, probably because of screwed up bills – just a guess). Anyway, It turns out that the “you are bad because you haven’t paid the poor not-for-profit that makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year” letter was sent on 6/8 and according to Vickie (yup, again I am willing to tell names) the bill was sent out on 6/15.

OK, I am not a big cusser but WHAT IN THE WORLD! The delinquent notice was sent 7 DAY’S BEFOR ETHE BILL WAS SENT!

Yet, amazingly Vickie is apparently just a poor victim of the “computer”. Apparently Cox Health Systems computers are an artificial intelligence system that “Automatically prints those statements” and that she (Vickie) “can’t help that”. Even more amazing is that not a single programmer, IT person or Administrator at Cox Health Systems can unplug HAL (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001:_A_Space_Odyssey_(film)) and take control of their systems.

You might say “chill out man, it’s just a stupid letter” and you would be partially right, but my point is (ok, I have several of them) that I am tired of the ignorant lying about Technology. It is not, has never been and in the foreseeable future will not be “The Computers Fault”. Next, don’t tell me I’m late on a bill I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED. And finally, I am from the Great State of Texas, my wife is an RN and I have a vested interest in the advancement of Medical Science. In Texas my wife made double what she makes here in Missouri (and she has been working here for 7 years) AND the Texas medical community is one of the best in the world AND I NEVER RECEIVED ONE OF THESE LETTERS that was not deserved ( I did have issues paying when my first child was born however that was my fault for listening to the insurance company, not the medical communities fault).

Here in Misery, I mean Missouri, the medical establishment had LIED to and MANIPULATED the legal system to get FALSE and DETRIMENTAL laws passed that fill their pockets, allowing absurd fees, taxes and penalties to be attached on the poor who cannot pay the MULTIMILLIONARE “not-for-profits” what they want, when they want it.

The only example (I can give you personal ones but let’s deal with others) I will give you is a friend of mine who works at a factory not 100 yards from my office, her husband ended up in the hospital, she makes almost nothing (she packs boxes of product), she could not pay the bills, the hospital took her to court, the court assessed a $75 per bill fee (PER BILL!) PLUS 32% interest, took as much as they could out of her checking account (Did any other check like rent bounce because of the millionaires stealing from the poor?) and then tacked onto her paycheck an automatic withdrawal until paid in full. When I spoke with her about this and asked why she didn’t fight it she stated that NO ATTORNEY SHE SPOKE WITH would take on a “losing cause”.

I could go on and on an on about the ABUSE OF THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY on the poor but I am going to open this up to you. Give me your input, am I a buffoon for feeling this way? Am I the only goober who hasn’t paid a bill they have not received? Have you been pinned to the wall by the medical community? Do we need to gather our voices and get something done? Should we sit in our chairs, complain and do nothing? I am deferring to you the next move!

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  1. Politicians, senate, congress, and government facilites, Grant Hospitals money all of the time, close to 300-500 million every few years. Funding projects such as “Reconstructing” their buildings, Not one artical that i’ve read had to do with a grant for supplies, for the poor, for anything except a way to make more money. Nicer the building, better the hospital, They want us to think. So they make it that way, and sometimes it’s our only option. In most hospitals the person with the insurance will get treated before the person without, What happened to first come first serve… They get away with what they want when they want, Backed by The Government, as if it wasn’t F***ed up enough as is. True enough, an example of our government letting things “slide” espeically with things that they over look… How could they…

    Within striking distance from Ground Zero sits a smoldering international cauldron, the United “Abominations” as it were. Born to prevent wars, it froze in the face of disaster and stood silent while terrorization to hostage of the world
    In a mire of hypocrisy, the U.N. ignores sex crimes by its “blue helmets”, and enables terrorism; so in the end it’s failed and the U.N. is where our
    so-called friends get to stab us in the back and we pay 22% of their tab to host our
    enemies here at home.

    Ambassadors from countries enjoy otherwise known as a catastrophe, enjoy Diplomatic immunity living in Manhattan, while their children are turned into prostitutes It’s a complete and utter disgrace, a blot on the face of humanity, and they get away with it

    Our government is our downfall, our money is our corruption, and The things that we “need” so very much, claim the pocket change we live with in the first place.

  2. Hello

    The issues about the Hospitals are corrupt to the core. I as a reformer wish to correct this error in order to progress as a society. Ironically I have watch a film buy a director who I do not wish to speak his name, out of lack of respect for him, called Sicko. The film had major points about our medical care and how it is behind most of the western world in the “caring” part. This is a result in the idea of atheism, only caring for ones individual self and not others, Machiavellian, the end justifies the means are to gain money anywhere and everywhere, and Scientology, one is a god and every one else is a peon. Now I do not say you can not fallow these belief systems but this is a result on the real world by these beliefs.

    The thing about COX billing system is that they are just trying to make a buck and do not care of which they harm. If I was that person I too would also lie if this would results in making profits. I have very little doubt that COX has a system by which if you make the most late bill fees before the bill is even made you get a reward of some sort. Personally I would have said words are cheap, what are you going to do about it? If nothing then go to court with this, if the lawyer who represents and defends you is not already corrupted.

    We live in pacifist times in which the people, the sovereignty, do not speak their minds as a whole instead we have both radical and reactionary, extreme liberal and conservative, pushing us around. But do what you wish because you are the controller of your actions and words


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