July 2006

Howdy one and all and welcome back to another exciting edition of The Weekly Geek.

I want to especially welcome all of those who are reading this who have ADD or OCD! Being among friends and fellow suffers of a living pain in the life is comforting. Over the last couple of weeks I have had many articles I wanted to write. Some of them were slams on service, others on terrible software and others just various rants. There were helpful tips and wise and enduring practices all just waiting to be poured out on the pages of this web site. Then came the ADD, “look there’s a butterfly” and all of those great ideas where gone.

I sit here today struggling to remember even one of them, constantly searching through notes (maybe I wrote one or two down) and thrashing my brain with the whip of forgetfulness trying what it is that I wanted to so desperately tell you, what warnings what advise what wisdom that I knew was there.

VPN’s why do they sometimes work quickly and as smooth as glass and other times they take weeks to work out the smallest bug?

Business customers why do they “need” service now and cannot find their checkbook for two months?

New computers, how can Dell sell them for $299 and I cannot build one (even though I admit my standards are high and quality is exceptional with 3 year hardware warranties) for under $800 (and make a profit)?

Wireless “N”, just a fantasy or will it really solve the crisis in the Middle East?

Should I be a better salesman? Buy my book! Order your Backup software today! Hurry and save your PC from malicious software! Destroy he virus and save the day! Organize your office calendaring system with a shared calendar, hurry while supplies last!

What about promotion? Visit Ward Conciliation LLC before it’s too late! For the best experience on the web go to WardWideWeb.net!

Should I support Intel or AMD?

Is Wal-Mart or Microsoft the great Satan? And should I get more certifications, if so should they be Microsoft, Cisco or Comptia?

How much wood could a Woodchuck chuck of a Woodchuck could chuck wood?

Well, Until we meet again, have a virus free week!