Phising, Vishing and Phone Fraud

Howdy one and all and welcome back to The Weekly Geek.

Jumping straight to the matter, it’s that time of the year for scammers to play (with themselves). You should have heard or read the numerous warnings of past scammers calling, claiming to be your bank or credit card, even giving you a lot of your information, that was gained numerous ways. Now an automated machine is calling and letting you know that your account with XYZ bank or credit card has been canceled or cut off or suspected in fraud use. In each case they want you to go to a web site to reactivate your account.

I have an idea, let’s NOT!

Instead of going into the variable ways of the scams and how they work, lets go to the rules to follow ANYTIME anyone calls wanting to report fraud to you.

  1. Ask for their first and last name
  2. Ask for their badge or employee number
  3. Ask for their call back number including extension to their desk (don’t trust your caller ID)
  4. Ask for their supervisors name (first and last), and phone number including extension
  5. Ask for their physical address so you can “take care of this in person”.
  6. Finally ask for their web site and have them spell it.

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