STOP Windows 10 upgrade with GWX Control Panel

A year ago I wrote about why to not get the Windows 10 “free” upgrade – now it seems you don’t have a choice. Daily I am receiving phone calls from people who said they did not want or approve the change to Windows 10 on their private property, aka their computers.

I seems Microsoft is self installing Windows 10 on many computers again. In the past I came up with ideas and how to’s based on removing the forced updates.

Take it you peasant!

Take it you peasant!

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Fed Ex, my most recent Ex!

Star Date – October 2014, yes this was “in the can” this long, you will understand soon enough.

As a micro business, I live and die by deliveries. I need parts to repair, build and modify technology in order to take care of my clients. That is part of the “Global Economy”.

I miss DHL! I tried to use them exclusively in my shipping out and in when possible but over the years they just have not been able to compete or for some other reason they have come, gone, come, gone and now seem to be international only.

My UPS driver is great, works with me, never an issue! Insert angelic sounds here. They work with me, help me with deliveries and in general are very good to excellent to work with. I do admit, during the Holiday’s I have had an issue or two, directly related to temporary drivers delivering to the front door, not under the car port.

FedEx is my Ex. I hate them, it seems I get a new driver every 6 months. They don’t know where to leave a package and seem to only care about getting done for the day.

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Frustration, that is the word that comes to mind.

Since it is the beginning of a new year, I spent part of the holiday’s thinking. Thinking about goals, thinking about family, thinking about how to be better. Then I started thinking about this blog.

Why did I start, Why do I get so frustrated with myself when I don’t get a weekly article out. What can I do to help others, especially the novice users.

That is when it came to me. I started writing technology “how to” articles back in 2001 for a couple of local papers. I wrote on how to “defrag your hard drive”, “remove programs from your computer”, the basics. What became frustrating was that the editors tore the articles up, edited so that they made no sense. Quite frankly they made me look like an idiot. Also, my reach was basically the county I lived in. Continue reading

Windows 10, the offer to refuse

In the last 2 weeks, Windows 7 and 8 users have noticed a new icon in the lower right-hand side of the screen. If you hover over it you get a “Get Windows 10” offer.

Windows 10 offer

Windows 10 offer

We are Ward Computers do NOT recommend accepting Microsoft’s offer for Windows 10. It is in public Beta, which means you are their “crash dummies”.
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