Log Me In is at it again. This time with Cubby.

Over the years, LogMeIn.com (LMI) has gone from a great company with the customer in mind to a self-serving company whose ambition is profit. Yes, profit is necessary, I am a capitalist, however the screwing of the customer is a bad idea.

To give you an idea of previous issues, check out my previous article: http://theweeklygeek.com/2016/05/25/adventures-in-getting-a-quality-remote-access-program/ Continue reading

Preventing Cryptolocker and Ransomware in 4 steps

I have sent emails, tweets, posted links and articles on Facebook and so much more, all to warn you about the different crypto locker schemes out there. Apparently I failed to write a specific article on how to prevent it.

Hey you Linux and Apple people, you need to be alert for this too!

Here are the Four major things to do in order to prevent crypto locker with two additional options.

CryptoLocker Continue reading

Attachments or new Windows opening behind current one

Lately I have had a couple of customers call letting me know that when they open an attachment in an email or when their program opens a new window it is appearing behind all other windows on the monitor, not on top as usual. When a new windows is opening behind an existing window it is normally because there is a delay in the system.

Since this was happening on different programs and at different businesses, specifically Windows Live Mail 2012 and Dentrix, I would not presume they were related, however they were. Continue reading

Heck of a deal on Zoolz for you

Right now, November 2015 Genie via their Zoolz product are offering a 96% discount.

for a ONE TIME PRICE of $64.99 you get A LIFETIME of 1 TB of storage with 2 user access.

Here is the link: http://home.zoolz.com/1tb-lifetime-offer/?utm_source=promo_email&utm_medium=email&utm_term=subscribenow&utm_content=click_button&utm_campaign=Zoolz_1TB_Lifetime_24_11_2015_Genie9

You can reads my reviews on Zoolz and other backups by typing “Zoolz” in the search box on this site, visiting the “Backing up” categories on the right hand side of the page or clicking here.