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How To Disable the “Microsoft Authentication” APP requirement

Microsoft has been requiring you to use their stupid and fake security app called “Microsoft Authentication”. Just like all 2FA (two Factor Authentication) it is flawed in numerous ways and only provides the illusion of security, not real security.

If you haven’t turned it on or want to stop using it and you have a Microsoft business account, especially a 365 or Exchange account, just follow these simple steps.

Go to your Azure portal, not the normal portal. This link should take you there.
Now sign in with your business administrator account.
Go to “Manage Security defaults” at bottom of main window.

Select “disable…” from the drop down.

Save and back out.
That’s all there is to it.
Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

2022 Halloween Costume ideas

We have posted on social media but not done a blog with a quick list in a couple of years. Here is a list of quick or easy or just fun Halloween Costume ideas that are relatively office safe.

To see all our other suggestions click here or type “Halloween” in the search box for this site.

To be the “Grim Rapper” Wear a grim reaper costume, but accessorize with baggy pants, gold teeth, thick gold chains and a radio on your shoulder.

You can be “Frank Einstein” just get a Frankenstein mask and attach an Albert Einstein wig, spray the wig with green hair color, wear a lab coat with pocket protector, pens, etc.

A “Runaway Bride” just needs to wear a bridal gown and sneakers.

Run Julia run

If you have a sense of humor you can be a “Cured Anorexic” For a big guy: Wear a white shirt. On the front, paint “I beat anorexia!” Cheap and easy.

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Outlook Google JavaScript error

If you use Google servers for your email, you may start getting a JavaScript error. This is cause by Google no longer supporting “less secure apps”. I have run across this several times with clients who use Microsoft Outlook. Each instance they also has IMAP, however this may apply to POP configurations too.
While I disagree that Outlook is a “less secure app”, we have to go with what Google says, not what we think.
Regardless if you are getting this pop up when trying to access your mail, the patch is easy.

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Lexmark printer, are they cheating the consumer?

Over the decades I have sold lots of printers and several brands. I really loved HP and in the 90’s to early 2000’s they were quality laser printers. However, they like other manufacturers, they began to advertise, through retailers, prices that were lower than I could buy from distribution. When someone can walk into Staples and buy a printer for less than a “partner” can, something is wrong. I have tried Ricoh, which are great units, their problem was the toner was double to triple what everyone else’s was. Some toners were the same price but only printed 10% of what the others did. Next, we tried Oki brand. Every single one we sold crapped out in the first year. Then we began to focus on Lexmark and have sold many of their printers.

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Ransomware Gang Leaks D.C. Metropolitan Police Data after Failed Negotiations

The cybercrime syndicate behind Babuk ransomware has leaked more personal files belonging to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) after negotiations with the DC Police broke down, warning that they intend to publish all data if their ransom demands are not met. “The negotiations reached a dead end, the amount we were offered does not suit us, we are posting 20 more personal files on officers, you can download this archive, the password will be released tomorrow. If during tomorrow they do not raise the price, we will release all the data,” the gang said in a statement on their data leak site. “You still have the ability to stop it,” it added. The Babuk group is said to have stolen 250GB of data, including investigation reports, arrests, disciplinary actions, and other intelligence briefings.