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Profile: Kent Ward – The Weekly Geek

Owner, Senior Problem Solver and Computer Geek Extraordinaire of Ward Conciliation!

Kent has worked at NASA via Lockheed in the Artificial Intelligence division programming Mars bound robots and stock/Dow Jones prediction software in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

He also worked as a Network Administrator for Diversified Plastics in Nixa Missouri.

Kent was co-owner of I Fix Computers Inc. which provided Computer, Network, Point-Of-Sale and Security services for individuals and small business from January 2008 through 2012.

Kent is the author of “The Novice Guide to Optimizing and Tweaking Every PC” and has written numerous articles on all aspects of computers.

He has given many lectures and seminars at user groups and conventions covering both Windows and Linux issues, software, hardware and more.

Kent spent over 4 years teaching beginner and intermediate level computer hardware and networking classes at Ozarks Technical Community College.

Kent created and maintains the blog site “TheWeeklyGeek.com” (yes, this one), a site for novice and intermediate computer users who just need information about computers, technology and security. This site has been up since 2002, helping you!

Kent has had his technology articles published in various publications such as the “Christian County News Journal”, “Prime Time News” and “CompuNotes.com”.

Kent is a CompTIA A+ certified technician, and an Intel Technology Expert, has numerous certificates of training from Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and others.

He is also a former V.P. of Finance for the JTPA in Deer Park Texas. He was President of Southwest Business Networking and the Marshfield Shooting Club.

Kent served on the Nixa School Districts – Security CSIP as the only parent representing all parents to the School Board.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Christian County Citizens Corps and is VP on the BOD for the State Guard Foundation of Missouri.

Kent also serves on the Safety and Security Team and the Health In Ministry (First aid) teams at the church he attends.

Before writing Technology articles, Kent began writing gun stuff reviews back in 1996 and sending them off the the various gun rags of the time. Unfortunately he was ahead of his time writing about the imported former Soviet block guns and none of those articles was ever published.