Tweaking, Speeding-up and Optimizing your computer: Part 2

Sometimes we forget that we installed a program to try out or test. While sitting on the hard drive is no big deal, many of them still load during startup. Uninstalling them usually removes that, HOWEVER they all like to leave crud behind.

Using the Windows uninstall feature does not clear out the myriad of folders that get left behind and even more important it doesn’t clean out the registry.

The registry is the DNA of your computer. The more crud in it, the higher the probability of system lockups, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), crashes, and overall speed reductions.

When you remove a program or APP you expect it to be gone, and the Windows uninstaller just doesn’t do that. One program I found does a great job and it is a quality program I have used for years.

I led off my first article by saying this would not be a download and buy series. I guess I lied. The first thing we want to do is download and use a FREE program REVO uninstaller:

If you want to use the pay for version, that is great. I have no affiliation with them.

Here is a link to their user manual:

Here is why I am choosing them:

  1. They clean up the leftover folders that a regular Windows uninstall doesn’t
  2. They clean up the leftover registry gunk that Windows doesn’t
  3. The ‘Junk Files Cleaner’ finds and removes many files that Windows doesn’t.

It has many other routines that can help you, however in this series you will learn how to do them easily and manually.

So, go ahead and download and install the free version of Revo Uninstaller.

Now let’s see what programs and Apps are on your computer.

Open Revo, click on the ‘Uninstaller’ icon in the upper left corner (It should have defaulted here)

From here you can see a list of the installed programs on your computer. Take a moment and go through that list.

If you see any that you don’t use, especially old printer programs, we will uninstall them. If you only have a Lexmark printer and you see old Epson and HP programs, here is your chance to remove them.

In this example we will remove Cisco Webex Meetings by double-clicking on it. A new window appears. If you are not 100% sure of removing this program leave the “Make a System Restore Point before uninstall” selected, I’m not worried about it so I deselected it. Select “Continue”.

Wait, what happened here?

Well I had uninstalled it via Windows but it apparently didn’t completely uninstall. If you get this, simply select “OK” and continue.

You will get the analysis screen. I always select “Advanced” because I trust Revo. If you don’t then make sure you select “Moderate”.

Select “Scan” and let it run. Look at that list!

Choose “Select All” and then “Delete”. An “Are you sure…” message will pop up, select “Yes”.

That was the leftovers from an uninstalled program.

When removing GoTo Opener, it also offered to remove leftover files and folders.

When you have removed the programs from the “Uninstaller” button, you cam select the “Windows Apps” tab in the top left corner and find any Apps you don’t use. I don’t have an Xbox so we will remove that.

Once again, just scroll to the App and double-click on it, approve the “are you sure” by selecting continue, just like earlier.

The Power Shell screen will appear then disappear and a new window appear. Simply select “Scan” to continue.

Revo will find any leftover registry files, select all and clean them up, just like before.

That is all I want you to do for this week. Just remove Apps and programs you no longer use. This will free up some hard drive space and clean up some of the registry.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

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