Why I use Intel processors

Over the years, there have been only two major CPU / processor manufacturers. Yes, there have been others, they just have not been dominant in the computer and server industry.

I have used both of these manufacturers, AMD and Intel, in the past, however I decided to exclusively sell Intel in 2007.

Everyone has preferences in brands of things, such as Ford vs. Chevy and Nike vs. Adidas. The reason I chose to go exclusively with Intel brand processors involved more than “feelings” and more than one event.

In the early 2000’s I built computers using AMD CPU’s to save people a few dollars. I could do a one-for-one build and save the customer $25 on a “budget” build and $75 on a “business” build using AMD processors. Unfortunately, at one point AMD did not work with some of the Adobe products and I had not been informed by AMD or Adobe of this known issue. I had sold several computers to people who used those Adobe products. While the error was with Adobe’s code, I was the one who was blamed and I had to replace all those computers, at my expense. The AMD systems cost less so I not only had to buy back my computers but build replacements at a higher cost. I did eventually sell the AMD systems, at a loss.

In 2007, I began the merger of Ward Conciliation (my computer business) with IFix Computers. Radel, the owner of IFix Computers, exclusively sold Intel CPU’s. While discussing this with him, I discovered that certain programs were optimized for the Intel processor. While I knew that programs could be developed that way, I did not know of any specific programs that were developed that way. It turned out that the two point of sale programs IFix sold, and were to be our major focus, were developed and designed for Intel CPUs.

Another reason for working with Intel is their training partnership with businesses like mine. There is some very good online training on their processors, current and upcoming hardware. They have monthly video and online classes with their partners as well as the self-paced training on all Intel products. This allows me to be more knowledgeable on upcoming technology, ways to improve performance for our customers and get the best hardware for each individual customer’s needs.

The final major reason I switched to and stay with Intel is their warranty. With them, I get a three year manufacturer defect warranty that I can pass along to my customers. While any warranty can sound good, it takes a good business to not only honor it but to make it simple for their partners. I have had very few warranty claims with Intel in the last decade, yet each time it was easy for me to get fulfilled. Once I identified myself as a partner, they knew I knew my stuff, the questions were simple and process quick. They then either overnight or two business day ship me the replacement part. Other companies take weeks for their warranty part to make it, unless I pay for the cost of freight. Intel also sends me new processors, not “refurbished” ones.

There are times I didn’t have a warranty claim but run into a build issue. Each time I have contacted Intel with questions, I have been able to get to the correct department (Desktop, or server) and find the correct answer quickly.

These are just some of the reasons why I have chosen to partner with Intel.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

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  1. Thank you for this article and for others you provide in The Weekly Geek. I greatly appreciate your professional approach and explanations.

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