Log Me In is at it again. This time with Cubby.

Over the years, LogMeIn.com (LMI) has gone from a great company with the customer in mind to a self-serving company whose ambition is profit. Yes, profit is necessary, I am a capitalist, however the screwing of the customer is a bad idea.

To give you an idea of previous issues, check out my previous article: http://theweeklygeek.com/2016/05/25/adventures-in-getting-a-quality-remote-access-program/

On October 18th 2016, Log Me In sent me an email (see PDF) that basically states, ‘we are dropping Cubby as of November 16th. There are some features commonly used, we moved them to LMI Pro so sign up.’

This is similar to what they did when going from plain old LMI (was free) to requiring Central (at a small cost $199), then requiring everyone in Central (at an increased cost $599) to have the Professional version (at an enormous cost $6,000) of LMI.

They are condensing their products to all pay products. Once again I want to state, I have no problem with pay for products, if the price and service are a value. LMI lost that value years ago with their attempt to profiteer off their customers.

As a result of their corporate greed, there have been a few benefits to the end user. As a result of their profiteering attempt, numerous new remote access programs have been developed. This also led to greater customer service in many but not all of the remote access program companies.

Maybe this move will create alternative or additional online storage options. Right now the “Big 3” have been Cubby, OneDrive (by Microsoft) and Google Drive. Other players are in the market such a QNAP, this may be just the boost they need to gain market share and improve the overall quality and service for the end user.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week.

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