Preventing Cryptolocker and Ransomware in 4 steps

I have sent emails, tweets, posted links and articles on Facebook and so much more, all to warn you about the different crypto locker schemes out there. Apparently I failed to write a specific article on how to prevent it.

Hey you Linux and Apple people, you need to be alert for this too!

Here are the Four major things to do in order to prevent crypto locker with two additional options.


1. Get Crypto Prevent. It is available from Follow this link and GET THE PREMIUM EDITION! It is only $15. If you think your system is clean just run the defaults.

2. Now remove whatever crappy anti-virus you have and get ESET anti-virus. You can get the whole suite, however I suggest you just get the anti-virus. Here is the link

I recommend the 2 year subscription.

Make sure “Advanced Memory Scanner”, “Exploit Blocker” and “ESET Live Grid” are enabled. If you have version 8 or 9 is should be by default, check to be sure.

Follow this video or the text below
To do this open ESET by double clicking on the icon, click on “setup” on the left column, now click on “Computer Protection” in the right window pane.

In the bottom right, click on the words “Advanced setup”. In the left Window pane, click on the word “HIPS”. In the right part of the window, make sure “Advanced Memory Scanner” and “Exploit Blocker” are selected.

3. Have a GREAT backup plan. I suggest a dual backup setup. Backup to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and backing to the internet.

a. Genie 9 Professional backup or

b. Acronis backup here is a 40% Discount that came in right after I published this.

If you don’t have a NAS contact Ward Computers. We build and use QNAP backups.


c. The also backup to the internet / cloud. I use Zoolz and here is a link to a 96% discount,

Update 8/11/16 If you are a micro business or home you probably are better off with their 62% discount on 1 TB of data. You’re welcome.

4. So far you have spent a minimum amount of money, unless you needed a backup drive or NAS. The final part is the most critical and MOST EFFECTIVE part of preventing Ransomware and malware in general.

Purchase a SonicWALL router and configure it properly. You will also need to keep up the software, security and help subscription called “Comprehensive Gateway security Suite”. At Ward Computers we will assist you in selecting the best one for your home or office. Most of the time, a TZ-300 or SOHO will meet your needs.


You will need to be sure it is configured correctly to block ransomware. Here are the instructions.

Two BONUS things to do.

Get the pay for versions of Super anti-spyware and Malwarebytes. If you buy them, they run in the background, self update and keep your system safe, the free versions you have to update and run AFTER you have an infection.

Here is some more information I think you should read.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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