Halloween Costume Ideas

If you follow my personal or business Social Media accounts you should have already seen these #HalloweenCostume ideas in one form or another.

You can also see the list not put out on social media here: http://theweeklygeek.com/2014/10/29/last-minute-halloween-costume-ideas/

Below was put on personal Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn sites during October 2014

• Tickled Pink -Wear pink clothes and carry a feather.

• Piece of Gum Stuck to Your Shoe -Dress in all pink and attach a shoe to the top of your head.

• Ceiling Fan-Write “Go Ceilings!” on the front of your shirt. And don’t forget to cheer!

• Melted Snow Man -Drench yourself in water and carry around two sticks, a scarf and a carrot.

• Got Milk? Wear a sign that says “Got Milk?”. Paint a milk mustache over your lip with make-up or other non-toxic white substance.

• Leafblower Wear a baseball cap with a leaf dangling down in front of your face. When someone asks what you are, blow on the leaf.

• Head in the Clouds Stick cotton balls all over your hat or visor.

• White Trash Wear all white, and attach trash (i.e., milk cartons, paper, candy wrappers) all over yourself. Or step into a white trash bag overflowing with trash.  To be “poor white trash” carry an empty wallet in one hand

• God’s Gift to Women Find a box large enough to fit around your body. Cut some holes for your arms and head, and then cover the box with wrapping paper. Add a large bow. Attach a tag that says “TO: Women, FROM: God”.

• Pin-Up Girl For a female only: Pin safety pins onto a solid-colored t-shirt or sweatshirt, forming a large arrow pointing up.

• Black-Eyed Pea Take a fabric pen and draw or pin a giant “P” on a shirt. Put black makeup around one eye and you have become a “Black-Eyed P.”

• Babysitter Strap a baby doll to your behind and sit on it.

• Kangaroo Tape a brown paper lunch bag to your stomach.

• Quarter Pounder Carry a quarter and a hammer. If someone asks what your costume is, put the quarter down and pound it with the hammer.

• Sugar Daddy Attach candy all over yourself.

• Nudist on Strike Dress in normal clothes and carry a sign that says “Nudist on Strike.”

• 50 Cent (the Rapper) Tape two quarters to your chest.

• Spongebob Squarepants Wear a black sweat suit and hot glue pieces of sponge to your pants. Also, wear a nametag sticker that says “My Name Is: BOB.” It works even better if your name is Bob already.

• Pop Quiz Wear a t-shirt. Draw a large question mark on the front, with popcorn glued around the edges.

• Quarterback Wear normal clothes, and tape a quarter to your back.

• My friend, Joyce Lacher told me you can wear normal clothes, tape a nickel on your back and go as Nickleback.

• Buckaneer Attach a dollar to each ear (buck-an-ear).

• My friend, Joyce Lacher told me how to be a “pot head”, just get a pot from your kitchen, put it on your head!

• Chia Pet Wrap yourself in duct tape so the sticky part is facing out, then roll around on the lawn.

• Magic 8 Ball Wear all black. Cut a large 8 out of white cloth, cardboard or paper and pin or tape it to your back. When people ask you what you are, tell them “reply hazy, try again,” or “cannot predict now.” Or tell them to shake you and ask you a question.

Below was put on business Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn sites during October 2014

• CD Burner Just tie a computer CD around your neck and carry a lighter. When someone asks what you are, hold the lighter up to the CD.

• Farmer in the Dell Wear overalls, a plaid shirt, and a straw hat. Find an empty Dell computer box (or make your own by using paint), cut out the top and bottom, and hang from your shoulders using straps.

• E-Male and Attachment He dresses in normal clothes, with a large letter “E” on his chest. She wears paperclips all over her clothes.

Have a safe and Virus free #Halloween

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