Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you follow me on FaceBook, LinkenIn or Twitter, you have been seeing #HalloweenCostume ideas for the last several weeks. This week I started with Technology or Geek ideas on my business FaceBook, LinkendIn and Twitter accounts.

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Here are some more fun, quick and some real inexpensive ideas for your #Halloween Costume:

“Chip on Your Shoulder” Dress in regular clothes, and glue a poker chip to your shoulder.

“Swept Under the Rug” Attach a throw rug to your back or head. Carry a broom.

“Hat Rack” Wear a hat on your head and say you’re a hat rack.

“Peter Pan” Put a pan on your head and a “Hello My Name Is Peter” sticker on your shirt.

“Airplane Carrier” Find a small toy airplane and carry it with you. When people asked what you are, hold it out in the palm of your hand.

“Goldfinger” Paint one of your fingers gold. Optional: dress like James Bond.

“Q-Tip” Dress all in blue, and cover a cap and your shoes with cotton balls.

“Piggy Bank” Wear pink clothes and put a piece of black electrical tape on your forehead (coin slot).

“Golf Tee” Attach a golf ball to a headband and wear it on top of your head.

“Frank-n-Stein” Wear a name tag that says “Frank.” Carry a large beer mug.

“Tea Bag” Wear a large garbage bag over your body. Attach a large letter “T” to the front.

“Pink Floyd” Wear pink clothes. Add a name tag that says “Floyd.”

“Booby Trap” Hang a mousetrap on a string around your neck so it hangs in front of your chest.

“Self-Absorbed” Attach sponges all over your body.

“Sleeping Bag” Cut arm and leg holes into a large trash bag and wear it over your body. Paint some “ZZZZZZZZZs” on your forehead and walk around looking sleepy.

“Bee Keeper” Carry several bags filled with “B”s cut out of construction paper.

“Johnny On The Spot” Wear a name tag that says “Johnny” (not necessary if your real name is Johnny). Create a circle out of cardboard or plastic, big enough to stand on. When someone asks you what you are, throw the circle on the floor and stand on it.

“Chocolate Chip” Paint a potato chip brown and attach it to your shirt.

“Something About Mary” Use hair gel to make a hunk of your hair stand straight up in the front. I know if you read this far, this was wrong in so many ways!

“Eminem the Rapper” Attach an empty M&M candy wrapper to your chest, and tell everyone you are Eminem the Rapper!

“Tired Guy” Wear pajamas, a robe, slippers, 5 o’clock shadow, and use hair gel to mess up your hair. Carry a coffee cup, a newspaper in the pocket of your robe, and a pillow.

“Stoned” Glue rocks to a sweat suit and your shoes.

“Autograph Book” Wear a white shirt and pants. Carry a Sharpy pen and have people sign you!

“Snackbar” Attach open bags of snacks to you (chips, pretzels, cheese puffs, nuts, etc.). Your friends will love it! They will be snacking on you all night long.

“Happy Ending” Print out titles of appropriate movies and hot glue them to a black t-shirt. Then paint or attach a large paper smiley face to your behind.

“Baby” Old solid color t-shirt and a Depends diaper.

“Zebra” Wear a bra on the outside of your shirt and attach the letter “Z” to it.

“Bright Idea” Bend wire so it fits around the top of your head. Wrap another piece of wire around the base of a light bulb and attach it to the head piece. Voila! You’re having a bright idea!

I hope you have a safe and Virus free Halloween, until we meet again!

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