Father’s Day lectures … again… really?

I have wanted to say this for about 25 years, maybe more but defiantly since I became a father. This is not going to be politically correct so be forewarned.

First of all, I am a Bible believing Christian so I render respect and honor as EARNED. However preachers / teachers need to grow some balls. I am beyond sick and tired of Father’ day messages being attacks on dads. Lectures and criticisms on what we should do different and why we are dogs. You don’t earn respect or get male members with this kind of trash talk.

First, read the freaking Bible! If the father is to be head of the house, how can lead when you, from the pulpit, demean him, belittle him in front of his wife and children. How the heck can you tell him to lead and at the same time belittle? Who are you? The Simpsons?
About 27 or 28 years ago I left the church for this type of preaching (non-Biblical, take ½ of a sentence and preach on it thinking). I have been back in the church for about 18 years. I don’t ignore wrong preaching, I check The Word, compare to be sure I am not off and if I am, I change. If the preaching is incorrect then I go, in private and talk to the teacher / preacher about it.

In this case, it is not a preacher it is (almost) every radio preacher and most in the pulpit. The one who taught at our current church did not go astray. He did not slam men the few years I was there when he was.

Preacher men, if you want your churches full, you need to rethink. For years you have catered to the women and mothers thinking that it is alright to nag their children and husbands into church. I hate to break the news to you, look around at your empty halls, lack of volunteers and the boys 7 to 13 years old that are running around, stressing out the volunteers you do have. It is a lack of men. Defeminize the church, the hallways, the colors the type of music, the type of preaching.

“We need more people in church”, “We need more money / tithe” boo hoo tears for you! IF you really want people in church, your must preach God’s Word, you must get the men involved, only then will the church start and continue growing.

God himself ordained fatherhood and the authority it requires. Quit stepping on God Himself and get behind him. It is not “your” church or anyone who cajoles you with “their” money or any nag that won’t get off your back. By the way, tell her to get off your back!

Ok, now that is off my check, Happy Father’s day dad!

One thought on “Father’s Day lectures … again… really?

  1. Great article. I grow weary of hearing how I am missing the mark as a man. If it was reversed, and church leadership addressed mom’s the same way on mothers day,….well,…it wouldn’t be well received. Perhaps since most preachers are men, they feel it easier/safer to roast the guys. Whatever the reason, every pastor should read “Why Men Hate Going To Church” (by David Murrow), then have the courage/resolve to utilize the remedies that the book provides.
    Many thanks for your frank appraisal!

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