Windows 8 Adventures Part 3

This is the continuing saga of my adventures with Windows 8.

You can read my recommendation to install 8.1 (the .1 update) here:

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To give you the brief review, I did a self-install of Windows 8 on an All-In-One PC as a test. This is not a factory install such as Dell or HP but what I would do when building a new machine for a customer.

I have not been able to get any of the “Apps” to work, they open and just minimize. There were no error messages. I spent months on Microsoft’s sites and forums and generally searching the internet for help. None was found. I reinstalled the computer with the same results.

After many hours of struggling I booted to “Safe” mode and received an error. At last, an actual error message, and it tells me something, I cannot use Window 8 Apps with the “built in Administrator” account! Since I built the computer and installed Windows and did not buy a prebuilt machine the first and only user was considered the Administrator account. I created a new “User” account for my wife, not a Microsoft account.

I then logged on as her and clicked on the “store” app, it opened! But did not run! I did get the message, “Switch to a Microsoft Account on this PC, Many apps and services (like this one) rely on a Microsoft Account to sync contents and settings across devices. We will help you setup your Microsoft Account now. First confirm your current local password (we need this to know this is your)”.

Wow, an actual message that is not cryptic and is understandable! I entered my password and was brought to a “Sign in to your Microsoft Account” page asking for the username (email) and password.

If you choose to “create an account” and try to use one of your existing email addresses and passwords, the password must meet Microsoft’s Windows 8 requirements, not necessarily your actual email password. Microsoft requires at least 8 characters and two must be a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and or symbols. If your email account password was “1234” then it won’t work, you will need to go to that email provider and change your email password to one that meets or exceeds the above requirements.

I tried to use one of my Google / Gmail accounts. An error message from Microsoft blaming Google for not using their (Microsoft’s) coding / way of doing things appeared. So much for using an existing account if you only have Gmail email. I was still able to continue with some of the setup steps. I turned off “SkyDrive” which is basically cloud storage. I already have a Dropbox and Cubby account, now Microsoft wants me to have another cloud storage account?

I tried to setup the “People” app however; my LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Skype accounts are connected through different email addresses. I could not find a way to configure Windows 8 to accept the different ones. So, for now, you have to go to the “Classic” mode and or log in to each of these programs via the web page or create all new accounts under the Microsoft approved account. Sigh again! This is a major hassle because the above accounts are via my Gmail accounts.
I decided to view the different “Users” on the computer. By using the classic shell and navigating to the Users folder I saw “Public”, “TheWeeklyGeek”, “TheWeeklyGeek_2” and “User”. No names, not my Hotmail address name, which is the original one I used on this install.

Rant: Ok, so My Hotmail address is a “Microsoft” associated account by not only being Microsoft but also through my Microsoft Training, so why did they make it so this was assigned as a “Local Account” first then now as an “Administrator” account that cannot access or properly use their program (Windows 8). END RANT.

The user account TheWeeklyGeek_2 appears to be a new account, and User appears to be the one I created for my wife, a “local account” so it will not access or use the Apps. When I clicked on either of these accounts I get the “This account can’t be opened, you don’t have permissions to access it.” Message. Yet the account I am using is the computers “Administrator” account. Really Microsoft! Really! I also tried to open by right-clicking on the folder and entering the username and password of the actual user, nope, not a chance.

By the way, if you read part 2 of this, you might be wondering where the “Kent” user went, I have no idea. Apparently I just disappeared.

Here is where I installed the Windows 8.1 Update, the only issue was the loss of my scanner software, and you can read the quick three paragraphs about it here:

So, apparently the User ‘TheWeeklyGeek’ is linked to my Hotmail account, the username on the Windows logon screen is Kent Ward. The User ‘TheWeeklyGeek_2” is linked to my Gmail account and the user name on the log on screen is The Weekly Geek. Does anyone understand why these don’t match? Just another observation.

I did notice that my Google + Contacts synced but not the calendar, yet my email did sync when I am logged in as my Gmail account user (TheWeeklyGeek_2). Yet seemingly at random when opening an App of any sort under that account I get the pop up “Verify your Microsoft account info…” where I have to re-enter my password, even if I just logged on to the computer.

So the email works with Gmail and Contacts, even though according to Microsoft it does not, yet the calendar does not?
Since updating to 8.1 these gosh darn large arrows that cover too much area keep appearing in the lift and right top and bottom corners of my screen. They are covering text or actions I would like to click under Apps like when using “People”.

The one App that appears to have worked / setup just fine is the Weather app. I figure since I had to give Google my Zip code when setting up that address, Microsoft harvested it since my town is showing under it.

Maps brought up a map of the entire U.S., SkyDrive had nothing and wants me to “learn more online” since I did not set it up with the account.

I was able to go into the “Finance” App and setup different stocks to follow, however when you open the app, you have to slide over to your info, since it brings up “Bing Finance”.

Well, I think that I all I am going to write on this adventure of my Windows 8 installation and setup. The many lessons learned are that Microsoft wants you to create more and new email accounts to link all their crap to and then force you to use Apps that in all honesty won’t be around in 2 years and to view on those Apps what they want you to see, not what you want to see. In short, another big brother.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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