Off-site backup reviews

Howdy one and all, I have been trying to get a couple of reviews out to you about Gillware and Zoolz off-site / cloud backups. Each one has been under testing and evaluation for several months and I have pages and pages of notes I am trying to get into a decently written series of reviews for you.

Here is the 5 second version, don’t use either! I will get the reviews out ASAP but right now I am at 3 pages each and still going. I know that gets to be a lot of information, however I am a writer and tend to be long winded and I also want you to have all the information. Many review sites just write one paragraph and then give it a rating of some sort, that does not tell you the reader about any benefits and pitfall.

So until I get the articles on Gillware and Zoolz finished and another review on a holster out to you, have a virus free week.

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