Windows 8, quickly goes back to sleep after resuming from sleep mode

This is a question that I have had a hard time answering and what to throw out. Windows 8 is set to go to sleep after 30 minutes, it is not set to hibernate. After waking from sleep mode, if you don’t work on the computer (type, run video or audio et al) it goes back to “sleep” mode within 1 minute.

If you have video or audio (music, podcasts et al) open, it will be closed. You have to go and reopen the file, and move to the place you were. Programs such as your Quicken et al are not affected.

Pressing the “W” and Window key on your keyboard and then typing “Power in the “Settings” search box, then clicking on “Power Options”, then viewing your power plan, it has changed to the factory presets (display off in 10 minutes and sleep in 1 hour. If you change the settings on the screen then select “Save Changes” then go back and click on the blue text “Change advanced power settings” and navigate through the various settings, you will see they don’t match what you set and what is on the screen in the background window.

HOWEVER, if you press the “W” and Window key on your keyboard and then type “Troubleshooting” then click on “Troubleshooter” on the left side of the screen, Now click on “Find and Fix Problems” on the left side, then click the words “System and Security”.

Now click on the word “Power”, a new window will appear, click “Next”. After it runs it will show none to two items fixed but the “Screen Saver” is always not fixed, even though the screen saver works before going to sleep mode.

The “Fix” does not fix anything, you can manually go back and reset the screen saver, however, if you don’t use the PC, it will quickly go back to sleep.

The only resolution is to reboot the computer.

Searching via Google links you to this page at Microsoft so far, this does not resolve the situation. This being Microsoft’s answer or the BIOS update answer. Also all drivers for the motherboard are updated to the latest.

Any ideas on resolution? Do you have this problem? Let’s see if we can fix this together.

Until we meet again, have a virus free week!

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