Politics and planning

So now that we know the Retardikins are going to put, to the people, a moderate and of course the Dumacrats have their “man for the job” it is way past time to panic.

Though many say I can’t speak my mind or tell the truth, I simply must. This week’s TWG article is NOT going to be about technology, but about what the shooting enthusiast needed to be doing the last 3 years and must start doing now!

If the Dumacrats win, expect major changes in federal firearm laws for the next 4 years, if they lose the elections expect a whirlwind of changes in the 60 days after the elections and don’t expect the Retardikins to undo any of them, as a matter of fact expect more restrictions, just not as bad as from the Dumacrats.

What happened in the Clinton era? Bans on some weapons and accessories, especially magazines. With that said, here is what you must start doing, and the order a wise person would do it in.

For every pistol you have that supports over 10 rounds of ammo, buy AT LEAST 12 magazines for the guns you shoot and plan on keeping. This way you get a decent price now, and don’t set yourself up for a poking later. For example some Glock 17 high cap 15 round magazines are as low as $20 if you know where to look, during the Clinton ban, they were as high as $89.50, I know, I bought one (and only 1). This applies to every pistol you plan on keeping. Later I will discuss firearms you might have bought instead of stocks.

Label the first 4 as P-1, P-2, P-3 and P-4, or use “T”; these are practice or training magazines. If you have issues that might be magazine related you can easily tell by seeing if it happens with P-2 all the time. You might start by labeling the existing magazines you have since training ones are not as important as those you carry for real world encounters. You then should label four others with 1, 2, 3, 4 for the same reason as above; these are your “carry” or go to magazines. You do need to run 4 or 5 magazines full through each to be sure there are no issues. The remaining are left unlabeled so that if they are needed you can add them as necessary as P-5, P-6 or as 6 or 7. You are smart and get the idea, training magazines get dropped on concrete or in rocks, they get dirt, grime, sweat and even bugs in them (I have pulled more than one dead bug out of a magazine after a weekend training).

This might run you a lot of money if you have several handguns you plan on keeping, just suck up and do it, maybe put it in your budget or quit investing in the stock market and drop that gym membership you never use and use that money.

Once you have 12 for each handgun, now get 12 for each rifle that holds over 10 rounds. By the way, these are NEW magazines, not used, you don’t need the issues with worn out magazines to start off with. Label them as above.

Next comes the tricky part and is my suggestion based on experience. Since low capacity magazines went up way too much (Glock 10 round went from $8.99 to $20 during the Clinton ban), you might consider getting magazines for your weapons that don’t hold over 11 rounds, but I would not at this point, you will later.

Instead, I would buy ammo.

First start with bulk handgun ammo. Get at least 6 months’ worth of what you shoot, or a minimum of 5,000 rounds per gun (not per caliber, if you own three 9mm, get 15,000 rounds). We know that is what the current legislature (both parties) will go after, handgun ammo. Once you have 5,000 for each handgun, get 1,000 “specialty” for each gun. It depends on you but basically hollow point bullets. This gives you bulk ammo (FMJ – Full Metal Jacket) for training and practice and personal defense ammo in case you have a real world bad day. Here is where you might consider getting rid of your “off caliber” gun and getting all “common” calibers. I won’t do that, but getting 9mm is cheaper than 357 SIG, and 45 ACP is easier to get than 45 GAP, right now, in the future it is probably going to get worse.

Now I suggest you stock up on your semi-auto rifle ammo. 15,000 rounds of “plinking” ammo and 5,000 of “fighting” ammo. Again, as an example, 15,000 rounds of 55 grain 223 for each AR you have and 5,000 of say, 62 grain. Now get 1,000 rounds of “specialty” ammo, in our example that could be 75 or 77 grain VLD (Very Low Drag) or 52 grain BT (Ballistic Tip) or a combination of both. Now you have at least 21,000 rounds of rifle ammo for each one you own.

Now stock up on 22 ammo. I would get 1,000 of quality 22 ammo for each 22 I owned and then 10,000 to 20,000 rounds of the bulk fodder. This will allow for any 22 caliber guns you own and give you some for trading later.

Next I would suggest getting ammo for you bolt, lever, and single shot rifles. Since you could still go to classes on shooting these guns and a weekend class might use up 300 rounds, I suggest 5,000 of bulk (the cheapest that works in your rifle), 1,000 of hunting rounds and 500 specialty rounds, similar to the semi-auto listed above. For example you can get bulk FMJ for your 30-06, but that is not good for hunting (though it can be used). Then get 1,000 of say 180 Gr soft point for hunting and then 500 of BT. I hope you see the pattern here. Don’t forget this is for each rifle.

Remember this is for each firearm that you have. Even if you plan on selling the gun as a stock, the ammo will add value or can be sold separately.

Now we will go back to buying handgun magazines. You will want 12 for each handgun that does not hold 11 rounds, such as your 1911 or PA-63. Once again, get new if at all possible. These will go up in price and if “they” get the 11 plus round magazines “they” will soon go after the others. Why? Well, we all know that guns and magazines have NEVER caused a crime but “they” will convince the weak minded that those things do.

Once you have those, get a dozen for each rifle, your Remington 7400 that holds 3 or 4 rounds each, and the Enfield Mark III that holds 10.
Once you have “set your house in order” then go back and buy for resell and or trading at a later date when the magazine or ammo is going for 3 or 5 times what you paid. If you get greedy and buy for resale now, you will pay in the long run. Just because you can get Korean Glock magazines for $15 each does not mean you should buy 500 and not get what your firearms will need, again, been there, done that, don’t want another t-shirt.

You might feel the expenses here are overwhelming, if you have 20 or 30 guns they might be. I would ask, what platoon are you planning on arming? Why? Shouldn’t those people already have their own firearm? If not why not sell to them now and use that cash for the supplies listed above? The same applies to different weapons. I fully understand “collecting” and those should be excluded or bought moderately for (say 4 to 6 magazines new or used for each and 1/3 the ammo).

I train with a Glock, so keeping more than one Glock is reasonable but keeping one Glock, one 1911, one CZ-52, one PA-63, one Model 19 revolver, just might not be a tactically good idea. If you are worried about the Zombie Apocalypse, do you want to relearn a weapon every time you run out of ammo or it breaks? Especially when the zombies are knocking on your trailer door? The same applies to rifles. I have witnessed training where Glock guys brought their 1911, the controls and safeties cause them concern, and a Sig to 1911 where the safeties move opposite, now that is a joy! Remember the old saying, “beware of the guy with only one gun, he probably knows how to use it”.

I purposely did not cover things like spare parts for the gun and magazine or reloading. Those are topics that deserve discussion but might just overwhelm some right now.

Until we meet again, have a virus (especially the one that turns you into a Zombie) free week.

Zombies are coming

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  1. As some of you have noted, under the books section of the web site I have placed where to get the best prices on ammo. The trouble is they change fast. The last one I posted on 308 ammo was just over a week ago. Now the cheap ammo is gone.
    If you have a Glock 22 the best price for used Glock factory magazines right now is at CDNN the link is http://www.cdnninvestments.com/gl224015fama1.html. only $12.99 each. Though I have some of the Korean magazines I don’t recommend them at this time.

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